Bio: I'm a mom who will dig holes in the backyard so my son can golf, cut up my husband's T shirts to make super hero capes, and fondly notices the stuffed animals on the table knowing that the days of childhood won't last long enough. Before you start thinking I'm awesome... I often have to run my washer several times because putting clothes into the dryer is boring. I usually leave dishes in my sink for the same reason. And I have a temper similar to that of Donald Duck. I volunteer with various ages of kids, creating & running backyard camps in the summer, serving Jr. High with my church's youth group and my new adventure is teaching High School students. My favorite kids are my own. I have a 13 year old daughter and a 7 year old son, so thinking of things that will appeal to such a wide age gap and different genders can be a challenge, but I love it! I strive to give them happy memories, teaching them and enjoying life with them. My heart's desire is for my kids to know and follow God's path for their life. I like planning fun things for them to do, building the anticipation before a trip or a holiday with fun activities, and giving them amazing parties for their birthdays or just for fun. Celebrations are exciting, but what's really important is where our hearts lie and who we are living for. I try to remind my kids of that on a daily basis. It's a small world after all. My Disney background: I went to the Magic Kingdom once as a kiddo. My husband and I went to Disney World on our honeymoon in 1999, loved it and since then, we visit Disney once a year. A few years ago we finally became Disney Vacation Club members. Our living room is themed after the Wilderness Lodge, our bathroom is Nemo and our kitchen is Mickey. We like answering Disney related questions, helping friends with their park schedules and planning our next vacation. We also have plenty of other hobbies that have nothing to do with Disney! My hope for this blog is to share, inspire and entertain other Disney enthusiasts or any parent/aunt/grandparent/babysitter looking for ways to spend time with the kids they adore.

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