Disney Through my Kid’s Eyes/ Trip Report, Fall 2015: Last Day

Day 12:
We got up and finished packing. Went to breakfast in France. B is enthralled with the Eifffel tower there. The food wasn’t good for us, but it was sooo good! We enjoyed it.

Then we went back to our resort, checked out sadly, and headed for AK. IMG_3077It was so very crowded at AK! IMG_3089We rode the train to Conservation Station, and knocked out 5 badges in the Wilderness Explorers books. But that was all we had time for.

We headed back to ride Everest, and J rode twice, once with Mom,IMG_3095 once with Dad. IMG_3097B has been saying he was going to try it all this week, but he decided not to ride.

It was so much fun!

The lines for FP were longer than we have ever seen them.

Then we went to ride Dinosaur and J thought it was bumpier than normal. Its crazy that B loves that ride so much, but mom always has, too.

Then we went to eat lunch at Restaurantsarus and were herded into the restaurant like sheep! It was so crowded that we had to eat outside, but it was shady and we had a seat with a breeze. It was just so crowded and this was the park that was recommended to go to! Insane. A lot of the cars in the lot were from Florida though. Sadly, we couldn’t do any more Wilderness Explorer activities today, because we had to leave already. IMG_3087We parked in the garage (that was new) at Downtown Disney (Disney Springs) and it felt so different there in the shopping district. It was crowded there as well. We stopped at the toy store, World of Disney, and of course Goofy’s Candy shop. IMG_3106 The CM at Goofy’s was so sweet that she put on gloves and handpicked mickey sour patches out for B, since he’s allergic to red and really wanted them. Only at Disney! We shopped and then left for home. IMG_3105

Thankfully, we had an uneventful drive home and are glad to be back, even if we miss WDW so much. B isn’t happy to be home. He just misses WDW. Jolly (our dog) was happy to come home with us and has done little but sleep ever since! Mom figured out how to make the Peanutbutter chocolate chunk cookies just like the ones at Disney, so that should hold us until next time.IMG_4289


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