Disney Through My Kid’s Eyes/Trip Report, Fall 2015, Day 11

IMG_2922J’s Day 11: MK & Epcot:

Taken by J

• What I wore today: fairy godmother DB

The moment the Fairy godmother realized we matched! She was very sweetly surprised.

• The biggest surprise was: seeing the SpagnolasIMG_2994
• …because: we didn’t know they were at Magic Kingdom, too!

• Something new we tried: breakfast buffet at Crystal PalaceIMG_2942
• …and what I thought about it: The Pooh’s puffed French toast was reeeeeally good

• The most magical moment and what made it magical: Seeing the park before everybody was in it because it was emptyIMG_2924

Empty MK, taken by J

• The bummer of the day and why: not meeting the real fairy godmother. (but she was still a good one)IMG_3005
• The funniest thing: not being hungry until it was dinner
• And why it was funny: because we didn’t eat lunch and breakfast was holding us over until dinner

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Our day at the Magic Kingdom
• I don’t want to forget: the pool because it’s big

In the middle of the day, we waved good-bye to the castle and rode the monorail to Epcot. We walked through and relaxed a little at the Beach Club, before walking back to spend the evening at Epcot.

B’s Day 11:

What I wore today: BuzzIMG_3015

Woody & Jesse are so funny playing with Buzz Lightyear Duffy.

• I don’t want to forget: Seeing the castle. Cuz it was our last time.IMG_2992

With all the rides at WDW, it’s funny that the kids get so much entertainment from riding the elevator in our resort.

They lead the way back to our room.
• Something new we tried: Living with the land
• …and what I thought about it: I thought it was a boat ride. I liked it.IMG_3052

• The most magical moment and what made it magical: Test Track

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This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Mom notes: We also rode Space Mountain. One thing we messed up on, and only just learned. Since B didn’t ride Space Mt, when he and I went to get FP to meet Mickey, we couldn’t because it was saying we still had a FP to use! The CM there told me I would have to wait 45 mins, til our FP expired. So I ran back and got in the huge FP line for Space Mt, just to scan his band. By the time we got back to the kiosk at Stitch’s, all the FP for Talking Mickey were gone. SO that is something to remember,
It also would have been cool to have brought a book to read B, as well as a stool and a hanging curtain on an extension rod for the doorway so we could dress easier.

We roasted marshmallows over the fire at our resort beach. This was the first time we’ve ever done this at Disney, and it was fun!


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