Disney Through My Kid’s Eyes/ Kid’s Trip Report, Fall 2015,Day 7

J’s Day 7:  2015IMG_0435
Epcot: Waiting at the rope to ride Soarin’

What I wore today: (Disney Bounded as) Briar Rose

• The biggest surprise was: the loud part in the figment ride
• …because: I hadn’t seen it for a long time

• Something new we tried: the figment ride
• …and what I thought about it: it was kind boring


• The bummer of the day and why: was wearing a really thick dress (and she was hot)IMG_0527

(She also really wanted to meet Aurora while she was Disneybounding as her, but they canceled the last meet & greet so she didn’t get to. But she did get to meet Snow and Belle!)

• The most magical moment and what made it magical: was getting two pearls in the oyster!


(We were very bummed as we walked back to Japan because J didn’t get to meet Aurora. Jae has been wanting a pearl, and decided to get one. She picked out her oyster and they do a little show as they open it, and the lady was so surprised when she opened it, that we thought she was going to say it was big, or a different color…but she pulled out 2 pearls! She said a few times that only 10% of oysters will have 2 pearls, and the pearls were 6 ½ ; so a good size. Jae was beaming! She was so tickled and happy! She bought the small Cinderella’s carriage that she wanted, and it fits both inside. It’s so cute. And she is going to get to wear it when she DBs as the fairy godmother, so she is extra excited!!! She floated out of there, just so happy. It made missing Aurora not as big a deal.)


Agent P’s World Showcase Adventure


• The funniest thing: was seeing a guy walking half asleep

• And why it was funny: the face he made was funny
• I don’t want to forget: getting my oyster

His first pair of personalized Mickey ears

taken by J
B’s Day 7: IMG_0448
• What I wore today: Green Mickey shirt

• The biggest surprise was: when figment blowed up and then there was a bunch of figments
• Something new we tried: Journey into Imagination
• …and what I thought about it: I thought it was loud, and I liked it (We rode Figment for the first time in years and B was positively astounded by the ending, when the wind blew and then all the Figments suddenly appeared! He had his mouth wide open in astonishment. )
• The most magical moment : golf course (he loves golf!)

• The bummer of the day and why: when they squirted the buckets and then water came out of it, really surprised me. (He’s talking about the buckets below at the Fantasia putt putt course. It was a fun game and the course was so cool. Daddy got 2 holes in one! B lost his ball into the water on the Sorcerer Mickey Hole, the second to last hole. It was such a fun course!)IMG_0570
• Bummer of the day: When we couldn’t ride Living with the Land (because it isn’t open yet)
• I don’t want to forget : I don’t want to forget the squirrel eating my acorn (On the way to Epcot this morning, B found an acorn and said he was going to feed it to a squirrel. Well, he did! He tossed it to a squirrel and the squirrel picked it up and ate it!)

(We rode Space ship Earth and B picked that he wanted to conserve and take care of animals and it stuck with him. He kept reminding us of that and telling us that he was going to take care of the animals all day.)


•Funny pictures from today: B sees the jumping fountain for the 1st timeIMG_0472

We went outside and since we were near to the fountains, we watched them jump over our heads and tried to catch the jumping water drops in the other one. It was unexpected and something we don’t normally get to do. It’s usually too cold when we are here in October & November. IMG_0474
• Trying to fit Duffy in the picture on Spaceship Earth:IMG_0459

That awkward time mom made us take a picture after dinner in Germany with a guy in lederhosen….IMG_0488


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