Super Spa (A Spa Day for Boys)

After a long week of capturing villains, performing training exercises and working on our costumes, it was time to relax and hit the Super Spa! I’ve done Princess Camps for years and one of their favorite special activities was Spa Day. When I decided to have a spa day for the boys at my camp, I knew I would get some initial questioning, even by my husband! But I also knew that if I was able to keep it “manly”, these guys were going to love it! I had one teen at each station scattered throughout the yard. I kept tabs on what was happening & what was needed. Here’s what we did:

1. FOAM FIGHT: Body part 1: Shaving cream battle (shaving cream) IMG_1969
2. FOAM FREEZE! Body part 2: lather up and rinse off the shaving cream! (baby pool , hose)IMG_1956
3. STONE MASSAGE: Back: Stone massage (Stones,basin of hot water, towels to dry rocks) IMG_1995
4. Joker’s Foot scrub: (2 basins of warm water, marbles, water pitcher to replenish water, Freeman charcoal & black sugar scrub, their towels to dry feet) I called it this because if they were ticklish, it made them laugh!

5. STEAM! Face: Steam facial (2 basins of steaming water on the ground, dried lavender in it and their towel over their head) IMG_1965
6. HULK FACE: Face 1 : Freeman avocado and oatmeal clay mask (tube of mask)

7. HULK FACE HARDENS: Face 2: Relaxing in the sun while face dries (on their own towel)IMG_1992
8. HULK TURNS BACK TO DR. BANNER:Face 3: Wash the mask off (Warm water, wash cloth, 2 containers of water, mirror, water to replenish after each boy)
9. THE BRAIN’S HEAD SCAN : scalp massage (I found this at the dollar store.)IMG_1983
10. WEBSLINGER’S WAX GLOVES: paraffin wax treatment (paraffin, warmer, bags, bowl of water, pitcher to replenish water, their towels) IMG_1968

Did the boys think this was too girly? NO! They absolutely loved being pampered. In fact, some of them didn’t want to take off the clay masks and wore them home. IMG_1997


2 thoughts on “Super Spa (A Spa Day for Boys)

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