New Countdown to Disney Ideas

I always do a countdown to Disney with my kids. Every day for the 40 days before our trip, I have a little something planned. Whether it’s a craft, a food or an activity, it’s always Disney themed. We have never gone this early, so I was completely frazzled this year and I didn’t even have 40 days planned out. We didn’t get to do everything we had planned, but we enjoyed what we did get to do . Here was our list for this year:

Days until Disney:

36 Days! Make a countdown chain with red, black and yellow paper
35 Days! Finding Faith in Disney Movies: UP (We talked about the good lessons we learned from watching UP!)
34 Days! Mickey Monday: It’s Tough to be a Bug themed party

33 Days! Disney Dining: Magic Cookie Bars Wilderness Lodge

Magic Cookie Bars from Wilderness Lodge Roaring Fork:
1/2 cup Butter or Margarine
2 cups Graham Cracker Crumbs
1-14 oz. can Sweetened Condensed Milk
1 cup Butterscotch Flavor Chips
1 cup Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips
1 1/3 cups Flaked Coconut
1 cup Chopped Nuts (optional)

Preparation Instructions:
1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees
2. Melt Butter or Margarine in a 13″x9″ pan
3. Sprinkle Graham Cracker Crumbs over butter, pour Condensed Milk evenly on top of Graham Cracker Crumbs. Top with remaining ingredients in the order listed. Press down firmly with a fork.
4. Bake for 25 minutes or until slightly golden.
5. Cool then chill for best consistency.
6. Top with sprinkles
7. Cut into bars.
*Be creative with your toppings! You can substitute anything you like for the Butterscotch or Semi Sweet Chocolate Chips.
32 Days! Movie night : Meet the Robinsons (outside on the neighbor’s sheet screen)
31 Days! craft: Make Candy Dusty from Planes IMG_2161(using stick gum for wings, lifesavers for tires, smarties for the body of the plane. All held together with a rubber band.)
30 Days! IMG_2276

Disney Character footprints

29 Days! Mickey Monday: Beach Club
28 Days! Craft:

Finished ribbon Mickey wreath/ countdown

27 Days! Printed Activity: Ride crossword puzzle (Sorry, can’t find the link. I printed the one we used years ago. But there are plenty of options out there if you search duckduckgo)
26 Days! Disney Dining: Up snack plate  IMG_2285
25 Days! Movie night: Lion King
24 Days! Random: Where in the World are the Disney characters from?
23 Days! Finding Faith in Disney Movies: What we can learn from Dumbo:

Your friends don’t have to be like you. The elephants didn’t want to be friendly with Dumbo, but he found good friends in the crows and in Timothy mouse. In cartoons, generally elephants are supposed to be afraid of mice, but Dumbo wasn’t.
Dumbo’s real name was Jumbo Jr, but everyone called him Dumbo, and he didn’t ever let it bother him. He embraced the name, and didn’t let it define him.

Dumbo can fly because he has unusually large ears. Incidentally, it is this abnormality that people tease him about. Dumbo was sensitive about his big ears, but he found out that they were his biggest asset.
God can turn into brokenness into a strength if we let Him and any transform any tendency to vice into an opportunity to virtue.
Timothy the Mouse knew Dumbo could fly because he saw him. However, Dumbo could not believe that what he took as being a bad thing (his big ears), might actually be a blessing. Timothy convinced him that a “magic feather” would help him out if only he would hold it, then he could fly. Of course, we know that he didn’t need the feather to fly, but Dumbo didn’t. Eventually Dumbo let go of the feather and reached his full potential! The feather gave Dumbo the confidence he needed to fly.
22 Days! Mickey Monday: Seven Dwarves Mine Train
21 Days! Craft:  Seven dwarves out of toilet paper rolls
20 Days! Printed Activity: Star Wars: (We got Jedi knight…Don’t get cocky kid)
19 Days! Disney Dining:  Mickey oreos ( We make these every year because they are so much fun. All you need are regular oreos, mini oreos and chocolate to stick the ears on.)
18 Days! Movie Night: Snow White
17 Days! (This was a great one that we didn’t get to make): Time Capsule:
16 Days! Finding Faith in a Disney movie: You can’t believe everything Disney tells you (We discussed evolution, creation, dinosaurs, Noah and more.)
15 Days! Mickey Monday: Epcot Kidcot Fun stations
14 Days! Craft: Sudoku
13  Days! Tigger tails: (pretzel rods covered by orange chocolate and black chocolate stripes) We still need to make these!
12 Days! Disney Dining: Disney Dinner with friends! (Celebrate with other friends who are going on a vacation soon by having a Disney themed dinner!)IMG_2466
11 Days! Movie night:  Tom and Huck
10 Days! Random:  Make a bottlecap necklace  (Another craft we still need to do!)
9 Days! Mickey Sunday:  The Great Movie Ride
8 Days! Finding Faith in a Disney Movie: Pinocchio

“Let your conscience be your guide.” This famous quote is actually Biblical! When God made a new covenant/pact with us, he sealed it in blood (Jesus’ blood) and he said that from now on, He would put His laws in their minds, and write them on their hearts. “I will be their God and they will be my people.” Heb. 8: 10 He gave us that little voice inside us that tells us what is right and wrong. Pinocchio called him Jiminy Cricket, but we call the voice, “the Holy Spirit”.
Often, if you make bad choices, then bad things will result. Pinocchio keeps making wrong decisions: he disobeys, runs off to Pleasure Island, smokes, drinks and tells lies. He’s acting like a stupid, stubborn donkey and that is what he starts to become! His behavior contains its own punishment, but his family (Geppetto, Figaro, and Cleo) suffer because of him. Sad enough if the wages of sin were our own death, but horrid that we harm our beloved family.
Geppetto was a dreamer (he wished on a star) but he was also a doer. He imagined the little puppet, and he worked diligently to make him. Once he knew that Pinocchio had the chance to become a real boy, he wasted no time in sending him off to learn. He was immediately a good father, giving his “son” what he needed to help him in life.
When Pinocchio was being made, World War 2 was going on. It was a dark time for all, with bad men like Hitler seemingly in control. His imagination was dark and ugly, and he used his power and talent to kill and destroy. But in the end, good triumphed over evil in the real world, men who were good leaders like Roosevelt and Churchill had dreamed and imagined and then ACTED. Good had conquered over evil in the movies and in real life.

7 Days! Printed Activity:  word search: Animal Kingdom
6 Days! Disney Dining: Rice Crispie Mickeys (We just make the treats and cut them out with a Mickey cookie cutter.)
5 Days! Movie Night : Fantasia
4 Days! Random: Cast member thank yous (Baymax cards)
3 Days! Finding Faith in a Disney Movie: Snow White

Snow White:
Magic is less powerful than honest human love.
Snow White survives by pluck, courage, innocence, and hard work. She is afraid, but still acts in her own interest in daring ways. Entering a little house and cleaning up is not necessarily something you should do in a dark wood, but she was very brave. She also was smart to go in and make things better, which worked to her advantage. The dwarves saw that their lives would be better if Snow White stayed there. Snow White might have seemed a little frightened, but she was a strong American woman. She showed that hard work, pluck, and whistling away the Depression would work! And so it did. She didn’t just work, she “whistled while she worked”! So she worked with a good attitude.
The wicked Queen relies on magic and becomes the very thing she has feared: a hag. The witch within comes forth and she destroys the very thing she was trying to preserve in her jealousy. Her use of a tempting apple should remind us of someone in the Bible. (think Adam and Eve) The wages of sin are death, and that’s exactly what she received for her sin of murderous hate and envy: death. The Queen is very wicked and nothing softens the judgment on her deeds.
What does Snow do when she is afraid and in trouble? (When she is in trouble, Snow White prays). That isn’t shocking to most Americans: it is what most of us do, but Hollywood doesn’t do it much. Snow White knew that against the powers of darkness there was a natural order ruled by an unseen God. She needed His help, so she prayed.

2 Days! Mickey Monday: Kali River Rapids themed dinner.
1 DAY! Craft: Memory Ball from Inside Out. (You will have a hard time finding the clear ornaments until you are with in a few months of Christmas.I have everything we need for this, but we still have to make them .)


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