Don’t Just Click! Help the Memories to Stick!

You take the classic picture of the kids in front of the castle, all the floats in the parade, posed shots with princesses and the always challenging “fireworks finale” every time you go to Disney World. But are you really capturing your Disney vacation in photos by doing that?

Don’t forget to catch all those magical moments that really have nothing to do with Disney (sorry, Mickey) and everything to do with just enjoying each others company.

Freeze in time those silly people you are vacationing with:


You spend a lot of time on transportation during your stay, making that time worth recording: IMG_3040

Catch those moments of sibling harmony. IMG_2679

Look at things from a different point of view: IMG_2817

Document your amazing creations! IMG_2806

Focus on the thrill of the rides: IMG_2959 IMG_2947IMG_3095

Chronicle that dare….

I dare you to drink the cup of churro dipping sauce!

Keep a reminder of when they used to show their fear:


Make note of how little their hands are at this time of their lives: IMG_2777

Archive your family doing things that will seem so 2000 whatever twenty years from now. IMG_2666

With 3D glasses at every park, it is imperative that you take at least one picture with them adorning your smiling face! IMG_2760

The black & gold helped us to spot our friends from back home!

Take proof of those small world moments!

And lastly, snap away to ensure that you capture the magical moments that really can only happen at Disney!

Magical Moment
Our little guy helps the CMs lead the morning stampede all the way to Toy Story Mania, getting to be the very first to ride that day!

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