Is Post-Disney Depression a real thing?

We just got home from Disney yesterday. So of course today we are having “the worst day ever.” Seriously, I cried before breakfast when I hit my head, my son is growling in his room, and my computer may get thrown across the room before I finish writing this if it keeps acting up. The vacation is over people, and the pain is real.

Is there a post-Disney Depression? Sometimes, we come home still singing Disney songs and just flying high on our memories. Other times, we come home to cold weather, dead plants in our garden, too much housework and a packed schedule. The latter seems to be what we are experiencing today. So should I say forget school? We aren’t going to go to piano/golf/meetings/church/babysitting/co-op for one full week until we can get back into the swing of things. That sounds heavenly. But it’s not feasible. Life keeps motoring on, and it can’t without us, right? We already missed too much school, lessons, etc. I can’t let my kids know how close I am to just calling everything off for the week, or they would be all over that.

I’m done for today. I’m going to make a Disney treat with my kids that we didn’t have time to make before we left, cuddle my sad angry boy and let him skip the last question on his math. We’ll take a few hours to relax before I absolutely HAVE to put that load of clothes into the dryer before it starts stinking. Then there’s dinner to get (not that we have any food in the house) evening lessons to go to….but for now, as Elsa would say, I’m going to “Let it go”.


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