Cast Member Thank Yous

We like to say “thank you” to cast members who take the time to talk to us or do something that makes us feel special. My kids both can be kind of shy, and when a cast member engages them in conversation, I really appreciate it. We have been saying thank you in many different ways to CMs over the years, with homemade bracelets, drawings, pins, etc. and have found that it doesn’t take much to make them feel appreciated. Once my kids see how happy the castmembers get when they are recognized, they aren’t too shy to hand out a “thank you.”

For this vacation, we gave paper Baymax heads that look like this on the front: IMG_2797

And like this on the back: IMG_2798 (they fold over.)

Before we left, I enlarged them myself and printed them 4 to a page. Then it was time to let the kids help me. They cut out the Baymax cards, inserted a bandaid,IMG_2799 used double sided sticky to seal it and signed the back.This was something that even my 6 year old could have a hand in creating.

It doesn’t get much more simple than that, but this is a way to encourage my kids to interact and to let the Cast Members know that what they are doing is important, and they are appreciated.

One of the Cast members we gave a Baymax to.
One of the Cast members we gave a Baymax to.

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