A Different Way to Dress for the Disney Parks!

My kids are into Disney Bounding. This is where you dress as a Disney character, but not in a costume. Instead you try and wear normal cloths that help evoke those who see you to think of the disney character you are “bounding” as. For example, if you are Disney Bounding as Snow White, you would wear yellow bottoms, and red and blue on top. You might have a red ribbon in your hair. Maybe you will wear an apple charm on a necklace.

While we were at Disney World, my kids wanted to Disney Bound in sets. Mickey & Minnie, Duffy Bear & Shellie May, and Donald & Daisy Duck were the sets they chose. (I said my son could only choose 3 days of Disney Bounding because it takes a lot more effort on my part to put outfits together than just grabbing a T shirt and some shorts.)

Mickey for a boy:

Red shorts, Black Tshirt, yellow shoes and a black hat. (I added felt ears) I found a hot dog charm, too!

IMG_0049 IMG_0065 IMG_0041


polka dot skirt, plain shirt to match, Mickey necklace, bow for her hair. We found these black puff balls at Walmart that were just perfect for Minnie to wear in her hair.

IMG_0050 IMG_0074IMG_0038


White collared shirt, tan pants (we added a Mickey to the pocket since Duffy has a Mickey to the left of his tail), White hat (“Duffy” written on it with sticky felt) and an anchor necklace on red cord since Duffy wears a sailor top.

IMG_0223 IMG_0222 IMG_0208

Shellie May:

rose colored shirt, floral skirt in the same tone (would have liked rose for both, but we had to work with what we had), heart locket and a sage bow. We made her hair into 2 ear-like buns.

When Duffy saw my daughter, looking like his love
When Duffy saw my daughter, looking like his love

IMG_0153 IMG_0220


blue sailor top,white tshirt underneath, white shorts, blue hat, anchor necklace, yellow shoes.(This didn’t follow the rules of bounding, because it looked too much like Donald, but let me tell you, he was a HIT in this outfit, everyone said hi” to Donald and he loved the attention!)

IMG_0009 IMG_0018 IMG_0015

kisses from Daisy!
kisses from Daisy!


Light purple tank top over a white cami, white jeans shorts, purple bow

and a ponytail, and dress flats. (Daisy recognized her at least!)

IMG_0066 IMG_0038

The reactions from the characters was priceless, and although it really is challenging to find the items that will make up the perfect outfit to represent a character, it’s so unique and fun. I’m glad that my kids want to coordinate with each other, and this is a fun, subtle way to show your Disney Side!


4 thoughts on “A Different Way to Dress for the Disney Parks!

  1. I did this with my daughter last trip!! I had no idea it was a ‘thing’ 🙂 Just couldn’t bring myself to buy her a bunch of princess dresses she’d never wear again 🙂 Awesome ideas on how to take it to the next level, tho!! Thanks!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. los monstruos me gustan pero mas me gustan las cosas que le gustan a soledad (las cosas cosas que le enernntuac, los carteles que le gustan, …)


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