Dressing Duffy: Easy carrying strap

IMG_0223 IMG_0156

We used ribbon and made a carrying strap for the kid’s Duffy bears. For my daughter, I used black and for my son, Mickey ribbon! I used almost a whole roll of ribbon for each bear.

First have your kiddo get their teddy bear, because you need both the kid and the bear to measure. You will need 2 pieces of ribbon. The ribbons need to criss cross over Duffy’s chest, making an X. One of the straps will go over your child’s right shoulder and under the armpit, then to the back where you will tie it to the other ribbon. You do the same on the opposite side. IMG_0234

This is what is it will look like when laid out, an infinity shape. Do you see the Mickey button in the middle? That is where I sewed the 2 ribbons together so that the kids can take Duffy on and off and won’t mess the “backpack” up. I put the button on for decoration. I bought the buttons in the scrapbooking section of a craft store. They come with a foam sticky, which I merely removed because I wanted them to be used as a real button in this case.

The best way to seal cut ribbon is to burn the entire end you cut just a smidge using a match or lighter.

This is what your carrier will look like from the front:IMG_0230

Duffy feels quite secure and comfy, is easy to carry and this keeps your kid’s hands free at the parks.

IMG_0028 (My daughter is also carrying her camera bag, hence all the straps in this picture.)


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