Dressing Duffy : Chef hat

I have a bunch of ideas for outfits for Duffy and with our trip coming up soon, I’m hoping to be churning a bunch of cute clothes out with left over material. I want to make him some clothes! We always eat at Chef Mickey’s on our visit to WDW, so today I made Duffy a chef hat.

First, I measured Duffy’s head and cut a strip of crisp, white material that size with about an inch extra.


I folded the strip longways in half…IMG_2573

Then I sewed it shut along the open edge. Using a chopstick, I flipped the whole thing right side out. so the messy seams were inside.

Next, I sewed a top and bottom hem, so it would lie flat. (You could just iron it if you would rather.)IMG_2574

Now I cut a square of fabric that was three inches longer than the circumference of Duffy’s head.


I folded the square in half, then folded the half in half again. (So I folded it into a quarter of it’s size.)

I rounded the corners, creating a circle. IMG_2577

Then I pinched the edges of the open circle all the way around, to make the creases in his hat and pinned it. IMG_2578

Carefully, I sewed the white band all the way around the creased edges, attaching the two pieces.

Lastly, I sewed the seam of the band, folding it under to make it nice and neat!

IMG_2580  Chef Duffy is ready to cook!


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