The Great Movie Ride theme for Mickey Monday

Coming into the dining room on the red carpet, B sees the Dining room all decked out for our family dinner!
Coming into the dining room on the red carpet, B sees the Dining room all decked out for our family dinner!

Hooray for Hollywood! Now that the Great Movie Ride isn’t concealed by “the hat”, I’m looking forward to my kid’s reactions to seeing it in Hollywood Studios. So we themed our family dinner around it tonight. I’m not going to lie, it was a challenge as far as activities and even the food went, but we did it, and the kids LOVED it!


Decor: I bought paper plates, confetti and 2 $1 plastic tablecloths. One was red, and I used it as the red carpet! IMG_2509 I used reading lights as spotlights, to shine on the kids.IMG_2522 I also strung some balloons we had from something else. I decorated with tickets as a centerpiece.

Music: Throughout dinner we listened to:

Drink: Our specialty drink was a Shirley Temple. IMG_2504

I’m not sure that it tasted like a Shirley Temple, but everyone had seconds. My son is allergic to red dye, so I had to tweak the recipe. I looked at a few recipes, and this is what I did in the end:

Shirley Temple without red dye 2 ice cubes, pour maybe a 1/2 tsp of honey over the ice, fill glass less than halfway with pomegranate juice, and fill the rest with a lemon-lime soda like 7up. Then I stuck 2 frozen cherries on a stick so they would melt in the drink.


Snack bar!
Snack bar!

We could have gone with the fancy, but my husband decided to go with what the kids would like instead. He served us plates of Nachos with cheese and meat, mini pretzel dogs, popcorn and Snap Pea Crisps (as the green). IMG_2521 He served them over our nook counter. IMG_2518


Dessert was a popcorn cake. It was basically popcorn, pretzel sticks, and reeses pieces, with melted marshmallow poured over it all. Sticky and yummy! IMG_2534


Star Words: We played a game throughout dinner. Everyone had felt stars in front of their plate, and there were 2 off limit words. (They were Like and Good) If you heard someone say one of the words, you called them on it, and took one of their stars. The one with the most stars at the end of the meal was the winner.


The Ride:

I knew this one would be a hit, because it’s an actual ride ride in a wheelbarrow. So, I set up a few  “props” to drive by, like scenes you would see in the movie.IMG_2523 I started out pushing them in the wheelbarrow,as we viewed the singing in the rain props, my husband sprayed the kids with a water gun! Then he hijacked the ride at the gangster “shed”. IMG_2526Just a little later, I gave them a surprise, jumping out at them with a dragon hat and sheet on. (We don’t have an alien mask, so this was the best I could do!) They screamed and laughed; it was great! At the Indy props, my husband and I acted out the scene where Mugsy tries to take the gem, and the real guide (me) is dressed in a robe (sheet) and stops him. The “ride” was a success, very happy kids at the end! IMG_2532I’m sure the neighbors had to wonder why I was running around the front yard of the house wrapped in a black sheet though!

Paparazzi: I had 2 bins of dress up stuff for the kids and had hung a silver backdrop up for them to take pics in front of.

IMG_2558 IMG_2550 IMG_2546 IMG_2543 IMG_2539 IMG_2536IMG_2562


3 thoughts on “The Great Movie Ride theme for Mickey Monday

  1. Wow, I love this so much! I’m glad you stopped by my blog and commented on it so I could discover yours! I totally want to have themed dinners at my house now, even though I don’t have kids and it would just be my husband and me. Hmm, maybe we can do a Disney movie night with a themed dinner once a month – I’m inspired now!

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