It’s Tough to be a Bug Mickey Monday


I decorated last night so that the kids could figure out our theme when they woke up this morning. It took them a few guesses!

IMG_2058I covered the table with curtains that looked like mosquito netting and stuck a few bugs on it. I had bought a pack of bugs that grow when you put them in water, and I made a spider web on the floor using painter’s tape. This was probably my son’s favorite part of the day.IMG_2063 IMG_2071 IMG_2081

We played a game where they had to stay on the blue tape and took turns being the spider trying to catch the bug.

But first, we put on butterfly tattoos and had a cute appetizer.

IMG_2056 IMG_2055 IMG_2054

Grubs for dinner! Actually, dinner was gnocchi, chicken, spinach, Parmesan and tomatoes with olive oil. It was so good!


After dinner, we made antenna with leftover headbands, pom poms and pipe cleaners.

IMG_2064 IMG_2066

Then we made butterflies out of coffee filters and clothespins, using markers for color. IMG_2067 IMG_2068

Dessert was dirt with worms. I had found these Bug’s Life tickets years ago, and we finally got to use them tonight!IMG_2074

But first, a few games!

Bug Collector: I made cards with all the bugs on them from Bug’s Life and there are 6 cards that hurt bugs. (spray, bottom of shoe, swatter) Lay them all face down like Memory. (Or you could just have them in a draw pile) Collect 4 of the bugs without picking up a painful card. Drawing a bug killing card means you have to mix your whole hand back in with the facedown deck.If we picked up a Hopper, Molt or PT Flea, we just laid them back down, losing that turn.

We headed outside to play a game. I drew a ladybug on a red balloon but it didn’t last long. Next I gave them a yellow balloon and drew angry eyes and wings on it like the bird in the movie that terrorized the bugs. They loved hitting it back and forth, trying to keep it from touching the ground.IMG_2075

Lastly, we watched the movie, well, my husband and I fell asleep, but my 6 year old, who was afraid to watch, actually watched the whole thing. We are really hoping that the kids will try out the 3D show at Animal Kingdom this year!


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