Disney Jr. themed Mickey Monday

It’s risky to plan a theme like this when you have a teen, but surprisingly, this Mickey Monday was a total blast for all! Disney Jr is not just a TV channel, it’s a show at WDW. Think Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Doc Mc Stuffins, Jake and the Neverland Pirates, and by default, Sophia the 1st.


It’s a really busy week for us,  so I decorated in a short period of time (like 20 mins or less), just reusing things we had.

Dinner: My husband made an octopus hot dog using cheese for the mouth and eyes and cutting the octopus prior to cooking it. This was his shout out to The Octonauts. We also had Jake’s gold doubloons in the form of corn. My husband had also mixed goldfish crackers and chips. He called this “Fish and chips”!



Drink: I made up a drink and the kids thought it was great. I blended a small scoop of whipped topping and 1/2 cup of Tampico Blue Rasberry punch and poured it into a glass. then I added 1/2 cup of generic Sprite. 2 Ice cubes on top. (I used Mickey shaped ice cubes.) Served in Mickey cups with Disney straws.


Activities: We copied Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and the Disney Jr show and had a Toodles!  The point is to present a series of problems  that the kids have to solve. Each time they solve a problem, they get gold doubloons like Jake. We first presented the problem for Mickey and his friends. The kids and I called, (Oh, Toodles!) (which I made out of 3 paper plates). Draw 4 sections on him and fill in your tools, including the mystery mouskatool.

Here is what I said:
Mickey and his friends got a few more magic beans than they planned and ran out of time when they planted them. They need your help to plant the magic beans in the garden before it gets too late! I had beans and helped them to plant them in our garden.  (Tool on Toodles: shovel) They of course got gold doubloons for planting the beans.

Captain Hook stole some gold from Jake and the Neverland Pirates! Jake has no idea where it can be, but he thinks that sneaky snook, Captain Hook hid it in the house somewhere. The tool on Toodles was an oven mit because I hid the gold in the oven. (My first thought was to use our sandbox, but it was filled with water! )They got more gold doubloons for finding Jake’s treasure.

Doc McStuffins needs our help! A stuffed penguin ripped a hole in his back and needs a repair. But he got afraid and ran off and hid. Let them find the toy and call toodles, and toodles can have a needle & thread to fix the penguin. Make sure they get gold doubloons for finding and fixing the Penguin. (This penguin had needed sown for a long time, so Bing was very happy and appreciative that he was sewn!) More gold doubloons were handed out of course!

Sophia the 1st threw a party at the castle, but no one came to celebrate with her! The mystery mouskatool was an extension cord, which we use to plug in our bouncy castle. ( I bought it years ago at a black Friday sale for so much less than it costs to rent a bounce house.) They had so much fun bouncing in the castle.

IMG_1619 IMG_1627 IMG_1633 IMG_1640While they bounced, I snuck off to stick lollypops where the seeds had been planted. I told them there is one more surprise and had them check on the magic beans to see if they grew. The boys were so amazed to find the lollypos growing  in the garden for them! We had so much fun playing “Don’t wake the Dragon” with our gold doubloons and taking selfies on the bounce castle!


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