Spaceship Earth at Epcot / Mickey Monday

IMG_1371 Proving that we really do like a challenge, we went with Spaceship Earth as our theme this week. Spaceship Earth is the giant golf ball at Epcot that has a 15 minute ride inside of it. IMG_1392I was away the week before, and wasn’t able to be inspired by much of anything online, so I didn’t decorate until today. Finally, I was inspired by the diamond shapes on the geosphere that is Spaceship Earth, and pulled out some candle holders, a mug I had, a shower curtain that I only use for parties (as the table cloth) and some silver material & stars from other things. I didn’t buy any of the decorations. IMG_1370 Will took care of the dinner, and he went with a circle theme. He made giant meatballs stuffed with mozzarella, tiny round different colored potatoes on the side, and bacon Brussels sprouts. He served us in silver pie tins! IMG_1374 Drink: I found all of us cups that either had Epcot on them or the diamond design etched in them. Then I mixed OJ and Sprite, and stuck some fruit on a stick to fancy it up. Dessert: Will bought cake pops and coated them in silver sugar glitter that we had leftover from another dinner, to make them look like little Spaceship Earths.IMG_1391 IMG_1390 IMG_1388 Activities: With Dinner, we listened to music from the entrance of Epcot. After I finished eating, I showed them what the inside of Spaceship Earth’s track looks like. I had found a drawing on the computer. There was no way my kids could eat all that food, so once they were full, they played with some geometric shapes and tried to form an Epcot ball.IMG_1377 I only had a loose plan of some things to do, and ended up having them “ride” the ride, putting on the soundtrack songs only and then pushing them around the dining room a little in the rolling chairs. IMG_1378 I had them write their own cave drawings…IMG_1379 Then had them write their name out & have it translated into hieroglyphics… IMG_1380 IMG_1381 Then we rolled over to the printing press and we made our own names with rubber stamps and saltdough. It took a few tries to get it right. IMG_1383 IMG_1384 The kids also got a chance to DJ a little using J’s Karaoke machine. I’ll be honest, my son was disappointed, and if my daughter wasn’t too sweet to say so, she probably was, too. But we had to go pick up my husband’s truck from Monroeville, so our night was cut short. The only ideas I had that I didn’t use were to have the kids make papyrus, shrinky dink alphabet letters (“You can thank the Phoenicians for that.”) and possibly paint. I also had found a pattern for paper triangles that I was going to make, but opted for the faster and easier plastic pieces that we already had. Considering the theme, I was very happy with how it turned out!


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