Pirates of the Carribean/ Mickey Monday

IMG_0145  In 2013, this was our last Mickey Monday before heading to Walt Disney World and then on to the Disney Cruise! We didn’t want to make it too “dark” of a pirate party, because we didn’t want my little guy to associate the ride with fear in any way. So, I had a fun table cloth, we wore pirate headbands and we ate pirate themed food! After dinner, we also played a cool Pirate Scavenger hunt. Here are pictures along with all the details I can remember!

Decorations: We went Kidsy pirate for this night, with a fun tablecloth and the kid’s pirate ship toy in the center of the table. We hung the jolly roger and I had pirate bandanas on the seats for all of us to wear. IMG_0142

Dinner: Dinner was a sub Pirate ship.

Here's the side view!
Here’s the side view! He already had a Mickey pirate plate & because we live in Pittsburgh, he has a Pirates baseball shirt, too!
Fun dinner!
Someone already found the treasure!

Pirates Treasure Hunt:

I used old, thin paper to make a treasure map, which I placed in a glass bottle. IMG_0146 IMG_0148 Their first challenge required them to reach into some cold, soapy water, with all kinds of sea creatures in it in order to find a toy pirate. (They just happen to be Mickey and friends dressed as pirates, because that’s what we have.) My daughter found this gross, so it took her longer to get in there and search for the pirate. IMG_0154 IMG_0153

Their next challenge led them to the kitchen, where they had to swab the deck! They had to use little dust brooms to sweep their sock balls from one end of the kitchen to the other, going around the little cups on either side.

Then they followed the clues which led them to the treasure, which was hidden in a treasure chest, inside of a rubbermaid container, aka toy box. IMG_0159 Their treasure was a game, aptly named “Eye found it”. IMG_0160 (I wrote about this awesome game a few months ago. I love it!)

Dessert: After our treasure hunt, we got to hunt for even MORE treasure! IMG_0165 Pudding and graham crackers, as well as gold coins! (chocolate!) I know that there was some kind of jewel like candy on the very bottom, but I can’t for the life of me remember what it was.

I know that we are all really going to miss going on this ride on our next vacation, since it will  be closed for renovations. It’s classic Disney!


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