Kilimanjaro Safari Mickey Monday

IMG_0100We went a little WILD for our Kilimanjaro Safari Mickey Monday! We just had to celebrate one of our favorite rides at Animal Kingdom. It’s a different ride every time, because sometimes animals are playing right by the truck as you rumble by, sometimes they are running towards the truck, sometimes they are on the road in front of the truck and sometimes you can’t actually see them from the truck!


Decorations: I simply used a Cambodian tablecloth I had and found some animal beads to put in a circle for the centerpiece. The kids drew some pictures of animals and taped them to the walls as well!


Dinner: We feasted on shish kabobs, twice baked potatoes and Will stood a giant broccoli stalk up to be a tree! ( like the park symbol) ( We only drank water…but it was in Animal Kingdom glasses!)


Activities: I painted the kids faces like animals and they wore scarfs as tails. I cut little paper ears for them and taped them to a headband. IMG_0043IMG_0048

Animal Scavenger Hunt: I stuck pictures of different safari animals all over the house and the kids had to look for them one at a time and bring them back to the dining room together. There they had to try and match them to the right animal name. This was harder than they expected it to be, but I’m sure they learned a thing or 2. IMG_0063IMG_0104

Dessert: Of course we ended our evening with a sweet dessert. Dirt pudding with worms fit our theme perfectly! IMG_0074 IMG_0077 IMG_0091


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