Star Wars Mickey Monday

IMG_2401 In 2013, part of our countdown to Disney was having special dinners every Monday before our vacation. This particular Monday celebrated Star Wars, because my daughter really loves it and she loves the Star Tours ride as well. This year was also the very first year that my son would be tall enough to ride on Star Tours! So we just HAD to celebrate!


Decorations: I opted not to cover the black table, instead just sprinkling star confetti on top of it. I strung grey streamers and covered a ball with tin foil & duck tape for the death star, then dangled it from the light in the dining room. I put the potato heads in their star wars gear and they were my centerpiece! IMG_2352 I rolled cloth napkins and using paper, I turned them into little lightsabers. I also covered the kids chairs with fuzzy brown blankets to seem like “fur”. IMG_2351

The kids were excited to dress up to the theme for this one, and my daughter even brought her Duffy Ewok, complete with a rubber tipped arrow to the dinner table.



Drink: I don’t remember what our green drink was exactly, but I probably poured green koolaid over shaved ice. the thing that made it cool, was that it was served in freezer mugs and I stuck a glowstick in the indented bottom of the cup so that their drink really looked like something from outer space.



Dinner: Will made a really fun dinner that the kids LOVED! He kept to the theme by making an X wing fighter out of freshly grated parmesan & a potato. He made a small death star out of a meatball and cheese, and I’m not sure if the asparagus had anything to do with Star Wars, but they were delicious!


After Dinner Fun: We played a game where you had yoda (or an ewok) on your back and had to complete certain tasks without dropping him. IMG_2372

Next we drew quotes from a popcorn R2D2 we got at WDW, and  IMG_2374 tried to tell who had said them.

Then we went into the living room and tried to keep a balloon up in the air akin to Luke playing with the floating ball in the Millennium Falcon. IMG_2380IMG_2382

IMG_2385Then, in a surprise attack, Darth Vader showed up and the kids had to use their light-sabers to battle him!


Unplanned activities were playing Jedi mind tricks on the dog, IMG_2403

and watching my son be a mini Vader. This was very funny!IMG_2389

Dessert: As always, our night ended with a special dessert. Princess Leia cupcakes! IMG_2399

We may or may not have finished the evening watching one of the Star Wars movies. I honestly don’t remember!


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