Unconventional Bath Fun

Rub a Dub Dub, toys in the tub! My youngest gets a bath every night and in order to keep him from getting bored of his bath toys, I like to toss in some different things every once in a while.

Baking Bath: I give him funnels, a strainer, bowls and measuring cups. he might even learn as he plays!

Pool Lights: I bought floating plastic pool lights, which are even more fun in the tub! IMG_9716

Squirt guns: My son has this little squirting camera, and the best place to have him use it is in the tub.

Barrel full of Monkeys: It’s way more fun to make a monkey chain in the tub, as you might imagine, because it’s so much easier!IMG_9715

Snorkel and mask: Yep, this is the way to teach your kid how to breath underwater before trying it out in the ocean. Plus, it’s fun to look at things with a mask on under the water, so throw in some small toys as well.

Water balloons: Fun to fill and fun to play with in the water! Super slippery!

beach ball/balloon: I’m sure you have played the game where you try to keep the beach ball or balloon from hitting the ground. You can play this sitting down in the bath. (This way you won’t slip!)

Food! Having a smoothie or a soda float while relaxing in the bath seems almost like you are at the spa. But it’s also fun to eat a snack in the tub, and grapes, berries or apple slices will even float on a plastic plate!

Bath time can be looked at as a chore or looked forward to as an extra place to play


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