Soarin’ family dinner for Mickey Monday

Finally tall enough for Soarin!
Finally tall enough for Soarin!

The year that our youngest member was finally going to be tall enough for Soarin’, we had to theme one of our Mickey Mondays around that. It was a challenge for sure, but we all love the ride and it was fun to celebrate it together.


Decorations: To set the scene, I used blue shower curtains on the ceiling to make it seems like we were in the sky.IMG_2290 I put clear balloons on the seats so that we were sitting in the clouds. IMG_2288On the table, we set a surfing Mickey and a set of Million dreams ears. (All because they have the sky on them.) And as you have already seen, I drew the title on a dry erase board and a line for measuring 40 inches.

Dinner: The food had a decidedly California taste, IMG_2281 with Orange beef, broccoli and rice and a slice of fresh orange on the side. We also had sparkling juices because there are many vineyards in California.

Activities: After dinner, the kids attempted to fly some paper airplanes I had made which were shaped like a hang glider. IMG_2300

Next we did our soarin’ Challenge, even Daddy! IMG_2301We were given a bunch of pictures of things you see on the ride, and then you need to put them in order of when you would see them, first through last. IMG_2305This proved tricky for everyone, even our little guy who had a lot less. Once we finally got it right, we went in and watched the ride on You tube.

Then Mom and Dad gave the kids Soarin rides in a sheet! We raced them through the house and they couldn’t stop laughing!

Dessert: Dessert was Crum Brulee. It was the perfect end to our evening!

IMG_2316 IMG_2322


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