What Moms Want for Mother’s Day

IMG_6193Supposedly, most moms would like a Spa Day for Mother’s Day! I might not know what your mom wants for Mother’s Day, but I can tell you what I would like any given year. Maybe it will help!

I have some jewelry that’s special to me, but it’s broken or missing a diamond! I would love to have it repaired. That would be a great gift. But if you wanted to get mom something brand new, there are personalized necklaces and rings that you can have made with the children’s names on them.

I love photographs, especially of my kids. A package to get really good quality pictures of my family taken in an out door setting would be an amazing gift. But frames that match the decor in mom’s home would be a good present as well, since it seems like you never have enough frames. ( I prefer to choose the pictures I want to display in the frames, but every mom is different.)

A clean car, inside and out, would be an inexpensive but much appreciated gift, too!

Moms wear out slippers faster than the normal person, so slippers are always appreciated, especially if they have rubber soles so mom won’t actually slip in them.

On a budget? Write your mom a heartfelt letter thanking her for specific things and telling her of ways she has made a difference in your life. If you cry while you are writing it, then that means it is REALLY from your heart.

As far as Disney goes, I have been at WDW one time on Mother’s Day. They gave me a flower as we entered Animal Kingdom, which I thought was sweet. Other than the cast member wishes all day, it was just like every other magical day at Disney, with my little family.


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