Haunted Mansion Mickey Monday

The Haunted Mansion is such a great ride to theme a family night around because it’s just a little spooky, but not enough to really scare anybody! My kids and I dressed up like ghosts from the ride for the evening, IMG_2119 IMG_2118 with a little face powder and some dressy clothes.

I had a lot of fun decorating for this night, using some fall flowers for a centerpiece on a lace tablecloth. Most of my decorating time was spent putting together the ghosts from the ride for the centerpiece of our table. IMG_2126 Found these guys at http://family.disney.com/crafts/haunted-mansion-hitchhiking-ghosts

Dinner: IMG_2128 Pulled Pork sandwiches look so much more like they are being served in a haunted mansion if you stick a spider ring in the top! We also had green beans with bacon and Parmesan mashed potatoes (from the recipe we got at Chef Mickey’s) served on bat plates.

We listened to music from the ride during our meal. IMG_2130


Drink: Our special drink was virgin Mint Juleps, which are found at Disneyland. IMG_2132

Dessert: was cupcakes with a cute little ghost on top IMG_2167

very serious about cutting out his bookmark just right

Our activities after dinner: Our first activity was a bookmark for them to cut out and put together. It was like the sliding panels in the second room of the Haunted Mansion. http://family.disney.com/crafts/haunted-mansion-portrait-chamber-bookmark

Our second activity required a little more planning, as it was a scavenger hunt. This was a lot of fun to plan and the kids were all giggly doing it. I gave them each a flashlight and a list to share because I wanted them to stay together. (We started in the evening, and it had gotten dark by the time they were looking for clues.) They had glow bracelets as well, which helped my 4 year old not to be afraid. On the list were things for them to find, such as the rose in front of Leona’s grave, IMG_2116 IMG_2115 (I had created a little cemetery in the backyard just for this) After they gathered the dozen or so things on their list, IMG_2142 IMG_2143 we ended the hunt with apple bobbing! For this, I put the ice chest in the bathtub and filled it with water. IMG_2149 IMG_2162

As with anything that takes a little work, it always seems worth it once you see how much fun your kids have experiencing it!

“Hurry back! Hurry back!”

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