Kid’s Spa Day

One year, for our countdown, I had a little spa day for both my daughter and son. I have done many spa days for kids over the years and have found that it really doesn’t take much to let them feel pampered. Here are some of the things I have done:

Face masks (One we have used and liked is Freeman Feeling Beautiful facial clay mask mint and lemon ) I put face masks on them, the kind that harden as they dry. It makes your face feel tight and it’s realy fun to take pictures with the masks on. If you have a group of 10 year old and up girls, pair them up and let them put the masks on each other.


Foot Soak: For younger kids, use basins of warm water for them to soak their feet in. (Teens will like their water hotter.) I like to add marbles to the water so they can roll their feet around in them. You can also add bath salts or bubble soap to your water.


Lavender Steamer: Watch this carefully, as the hotter the water is, the more likely someone is to get burnt! I like to boil the water and pour it over about 2 tablespoons of dried lavender in a large mixing bowl. Then have the kids sit on a chair and put the bowl on a tray table. They have to comfortably be able to put their face over the steam rising from the bowl. Put a towel over their head to keep the steam in.

Hot Rocks: Again, be careful with this, the stones can get hot! I have collected stones that are the same size as the palm of my hand. They are flat, too, but thick. (You should clean stones really well before using for a massage. Rubbing alcohol is great for cleaning them.) I place these in a basin and pour hot water from a kettle  over them to cover them. For kids, this is safest if they have a t-shirt on. I remove the rocks and dry them so that I can gauge how hot the stones are. Then I place them on my kid’s back over their Tshirt!  I usually put one on each shoulder blade, two more on their lower back and one on their spine in the middle.Think of the “5” side of a die. Then you remove the stone one at a time and give them a little massage around that area. This is supposed to be calm, not hurried, so that they can relax.

Body Scrub: On a hot day, have a kiddie pool and a hose (and an adult supervising so that water doesn’t get wasted. Have the kiddos in their swim suits and give them body scrub that they can put on themselves. Then into the kiddie pool to use the hose to rinse themselves off!

When I had spa days for Princess Camp, I would have the girls get their face masks on and then lay on their towels on the deck with cucumbers over their eyes of course, just resting while the face mask hardened. I played a soft lullaby CD while they relaxed.


If you are having a spa day with a group of girls, it’s best to have a couple of handtowels for each girl. They will use them for the facial steam, to dry their face after they wash the facial mask off, and another to dry their feet after their foot soak. It’s also helpful to give each girl a washcloth because the clay masks are easier to remove when using a washcloth. It’s also cool to have elastic headbands and hairbands on hand for them.You can get packs of these at the dollar store.

Another idea when doing this for a group is to have half the group steaming their faces together while the other half soaks their feet. I do this simply because I don’t have enough bowls for everyone’s faces!

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