Beauty and the Beast for Mickey Monday

IMG_1988Tale as old as time….We decided to go elegant and have night themed with Beauty and the Beast. I used the lace tablecloth, created a fancy container to keep the sparkling apple cider iced, and made a paper rose under the glass like Belle found in the west wing. If you look behind my daughter, you can see the “wardrobe’s face” as well.

IMG_1993 Making the enchanted rose was easy. All it took was a plastic soda bottle, green pipe cleaner and paper petals. I also made a Beast mask, which everyone had fun trying on, even the dog! IMG_2008 (My daughter dancing with Dad)

Dinner was Ham & Cheese Crescents, Julienne-cut cheesy potatoes and green beans with almond slivers. IMG_1996IMG_1994

Our drink was sparkling apple cider. IMG_1999

Dessert was Grey Stuff, as in “Try the Grey Stuff, it’s delicious! Don’t believe me, ask the dishes.” IMG_2003 IMG_2005 They were right! Grey stuff IS delicious!

After dinner, we danced of course. Then played a board game I had made using pictures from Beauty and the Beast and putting them on a poster. (Walmart) The point was to break the spell before the last petal fell.

IMG_2014 Beauty and the Beast game
I took pictures of all different scenes of the movie and also a photo of the Magic Mirror.
On Walmart’s photo website, I made 2 posters including all the scenes of the movie in order of when it happened. I also put Magic Mirror spaces all over the board, less than 6 spaces apart. Once I picked up the posters from Walmart, I drew arrows on the game board so that it would be easy for us to know which picture to go to next.
I ordered plenty of copies of the magic mirror pictures. Those were the “magic mirror” cards. On the backs of the mirror photos, I wrote different scenes of the movie that were captured on the game board I made. So since I had a scene of the Beast with his hair curled for dinner, I wrote that on the back of one of the magic mirror “cards”.
We used Princess Memory cards instead of tokens, because they had Belle and the Beast on them, and because we had them on hand. But you could use any game tokens.
You will also need a die to play this game. Did you know you can get Disney Dice from Downtown Disney? That’s what we like to use because it has Mickeys on it instead of just plain dots.
To play: roll the die and move that many spaces. Play continues like this until you land on a mirror space. When you land on a magic mirror, pick up a card and move to wherever it tells you to go on the back. In this way, this game is like Candyland. Some cards will have you skipping way ahead and others will have you going all the way back on the board.
The first one to make it to The Final Scene, where Belle dances with her much less furry prince, is the winner. I wrote, “…and they lived happily ever after” along the side of the game board.

Here are the printable directions: Beauty and the Beast game

We ended our evening by watching the movie in our pajamas. IMG_2016

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