Disneyfy your house: Boys Disney – Pixar bedroom

When I was pregnant with my son, We (I) decided not to find out what we were having. My husband snuck a peek inside the magic envelope and then sealed it so that I never knew he’d peeked! Then he decided to fix up the baby’s bedroom secretly, which was fine with me. Since he was the one making all the decorating decisions, and was very excited to be bringing a boy home from the hospital, he painted our son’s bedroom in various shades of blue. Being that we are a Disney family, he used his favorite Disney-Pixar characters to decorate. It looks like someone threw up boy in there. There were a few unique things that he did, which I’ll include here:


One was that he got movie posters from the Incredibles, Cars and Toy Story 1 and 2, and framed them in poster frames.

Another unique feature was that he took apart an old baby mobile, and using beanies of the movies I mentioned, he made a really cool mobile for a boy. He had to put metal inside some of them so that they were perfectly balanced. He had to SEW to make that, very impressive!IMG_9325

He also bought Incredibles and Toy Story flannel material and draped them over curtain rods, waiting to have me sew them into curtains after our boy was born so it wouldn’t give away the surprise. This way the curtains matched the room perfectly. Curtains are also very easy to make.

The room is small, so he bought a Cars area rug that was as soft as a blanket, and placed it on the floor.IMG_9338

One really sweet thing that my husband did was to frame some pictures of us (Mom, Dad and big sister) with the Disney characters shown in the room.

Pictures of our family with the characters. The Incredibles clock is cool, too!
Pictures of our family with the characters. The Incredibles clock is cool, too!

When our little man was too old for his crib, friends of our lent him a car bed. This was perfect for the theme!

This room has really worked out in the long run, because at 6, our son still loves his room. These are some of his favorite Disney movies. But because of the mixed theme, it’s very easy to add other things, such as bedding from the Planes movie. It would be just as easy to switch out movie posters to keep up with his interests.IMG_9430 IMG_9427 Did you see the goals hanging on the windows? We keep his goals there to keep them out of the way, and to keep them from getting damaged.


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