Dinosaur! Mickey Monday

IMG_1780 IMG_1781

Dinosaur! This is one of my favorite rides, and even though neither of our kids had ridden it at the time of this Mickey Monday, (They have since and loved it!) I still thought it would be a fun theme. It was! I think I was so excited about it that I planned it early, which is a good thing because I was struck by severe neck pain that lasted a few days before and even that day and barely recovered in time to go through with our party.(I only did thanks to lots of people praying for me!) But it still turned out great!

IMG_1784 I decorated by making dinosaur footprints going through the kitchen. I whipped together some vine with leaves on them (Which we have used many times since!) and a paper towel roll palm tree. It wasn’t elaborate by any means!

The kids got into the mood of our party by wearing dinosaur shirts, and my shirt went with the theme as well.IMG_1783

Dinner was so much fun! Will made a cheese fondue and we dipped bread, veggies and even dinosaur chicken nuggets into it! The kids were super excited about it! IMG_1790 IMG_1786

I made chocolate lava cakes for dessert. I use a muffin pan and it is just the right portion size! IMG_1829 IMG_1830

After dinner, we told the kids that they were going to go outside and pretend to ride Dinosaur. Will was a good sport and took them around the yard in a wheelbarrow and I jumped out and roared and ran alongside them. They couldn’t stop smiling! IMG_1801

Then we became archeologists and dug for dinos in the sandbox. You had to find 4 Dinosaurs of your favorite color. IMG_1807 IMG_1805 IMG_1802 IMG_1808

Back into the house we went to read IMG_1822 and then build a wooden Dinosaur model with Daddy.  IMG_1823IMG_1826

This certainly helped them to have warm fuzzy thoughts about Dinosaur, even though it can be pretty intense!

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