Going to Disney with Extended Family

One year, we decided to meet up with my sister and cousin at Walt Disney World. We live in Pennsylvania and they were living in Arizona. When planning a Disney Vacation with friends or relatives in a different state, it works best if one person takes the leadership position and plans most things for the rest of the group. Everyone should put in their “must dos” and have an input into places they would like to eat. The time to put input in is before the leader starts to make the plans. We made sure to have lots of communication before our trip together. It’s ok to plan time apart, too. We planned a family afternoon back at our resort while my sister and cousin toured the parks. (We had a toddler at the time.)

It’s even more important now for everyone to be on the same page because fastpasses all need to be made for the whole group at the same time!!!

So my sister and cousin were about 20, but they were still my little sis and cousin, and I wanted them to be excited about our trip! So I sent them a couple packages with a countdown of silly little things in it. Ones I remember are a Disney Dixie cup, autograph book, Disney Tshirts, placemats I made…just fun little presents for each day with a note counting down the days. It worked! They looked forward to getting mail and got so excited by the little things. They were so psyched up to meet us and experience Disney.

It was so much fun to be there with them! Sure, my sister wore high heeled boots and ended up with blisters. My husband was in his normal theme park commando mode, and my sister couldn’t keep up with him, so I felt like I had to walk in the middle, not wanting her to get left behind. My poor cousin had issues with the shampoo/conditioner combo in the bathroom not quite being enough moisturizer for his curls, and he got super sick the first night after eating a hot dog. But the good overwhelmed the bad. We were absolutely unable to pass by a character without getting a picture with them! We had a blast together! (Honestly, we could have fun together at a funeral, but it was a great environment to create magical memories. We were just a bunch of kids following my husband (the leader) around.


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