Eggcellent Egg Decorating (with kids)

IMG_9297We dyed eggs today, and I thought I’d share a few things we tried. For the record, we had 3 eggs crack this year.

In past years, I have poked a hole into the small side of an egg, then broke a little hole in the opposite end, blown out the egg inside, and let the kids dye those shells as well. Because honestly, how many hard boiled eggs can anyone eat??? What did I do with these eggs? Well, #1 I have a metal bucket of empty, dyed eggs as decoration, #2 the kids and I made a wreath out of some of them. IMG_9308#3 I used them in a game to have the kids get pictures with their eggs in the reverse egg hunt featured in my Teen Easter Party. I just put some baking soda in them so they would stand and sealed the larger opening with tissue paper.

The kids took a long time dying eggs today, and here are some that we tried.

IMG_9309Dying an egg, writing on it with the clear crayon and then dying it again. Dying multiple times was the norm around here today.P1030814

IMG_9283Temporary tattoos: You use a wet towel and put the tattoo on the egg as you would on your skin. If you want to dye the egg first, just wait for it to dry completely before applying the tattoo.

Painting on the dye. We bought a kit that had packets which you would then paint on to the egg. The cool thing was that you could mix the colors and they stayed rich. But the paint didn’t adhere to the egg very well and the kids didn’t like this as much as using the cups of dye.

P1150675We have used rubber bands to make design on our eggs and like the way that worked.

IMG_9284This was our first time using the shrink wraps on our eggs. We found that you have to have boiling water in order for it to shrink properly. We liked watching the plastic shrink up quickly onto the egg. We also liked that we could still dye them!

We try different ways to dye our eggs every year. But the kids favorite way to dye eggs is the old fashioned dip them in a cup with a dye tablet in it. It’s tradition!

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