Smells & Sounds bring Back the Memories

My Gramma went to heaven, which is why I didn’t feel like blogging last night. It got me thinking how smells and sounds can remind you so strongly of someone you love. It apparently is the same way with places we love. When my daughter smells the Salted Carmel foaming hand soap from Bath & Bodyworks, it reminds her of the shop in Epcot’s Germany where you can watch them make the caramel. It gives her a little jolt of happiness when she uses it. My son daily requests “the Disney Christmas music”, even though it’s March. Because we usually go to Disney in November and they are playing Christmas music then, he associates this particular music with walking down Main Street in the Magic Kingdom.   It’s not Christmas to him, it’s Disney. Can I just add that this version has no words, and he has the whole montage memorized and hums it. It’s kind of adorable.

I like listening to the ambiance music you find in the park, and I often will get a whiff of something that reminds me of Disney. We like to share these things, pointing them out to each other. To me, the best thing about a Disney vacation is knowing that I have that time to just BE with my kids, undistracted by the computer, or things I am having or wanting to plan, meetings to run to, school to teach, kid’s practices and classes to go to. It’s just so nice to look at their faces and watch them experience the magic. I get choked up at Disney all the time, because we are making memories that are so special. I can have that warm & fuzzy feeling unexpectedly at any time of the day, when one of them amazes me with a fact or tells me they love me out of the blue. My kids are my “happy place.”

So, thank you Gramma, for having my dad, who had me, so that I can thoroughly enjoy my own 2 kiddos. I can still hear your southern accent pronouncing my name as only you did. I remember the way you rubbed your thumb on the top of my hand when you held it. You always were so tiny in stature, but mighty in personality and spark.  I like to think I’m like you in many ways. I know Disney World doesn’t even hold a candle to Heaven! Enjoy



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