Uniquely You

I always like to have unique things, and the best way to get unique things is often to have them made, or to make them!  I’m going to show you some of my unique ideas and where you can have them made!

One year, I gave my kids pillowcases that I created with pictures from that year’s vacation. IMG_9152I designed them easily by using ArtsCow.com, stuck their own feather pillows inside and wrapped them up for Christmas! They loved them, and since they were designed just for them, they matched their room theme perfectly.

I’ve created one of a kind purses for my mom, sister, mother in law and sister in law. Finally, my husband made one for me! I almost hate to give away my secret, but ArtsCow.com is where you can create a personalized purse that everyone will notice.IMG_9150

We have also made personalized shirts for each other using Yorkphoto and Snapfish. This shirt, which shows the excitement on my kid’s faces as they see the WDW sign is titled, “Daddy took us to Disney World!” and it’s one of his favorite comfy shirts. IMG_9147 My husband created a shirt for me with a picture of my kids meeting Duffy, and when Duffy saw me wearing this shirt on our last visit, he was tickled!

This one takes a little more work on your part. My husband brought home these Perry shirts for the kids, and I created and sewed shorts with matching Perry the Platypus tails for both of them. You could do this kind of thing with other animals with tails, like Mickey, Pluto, Pooh. (That would be cute!)

P1120609 P1120586

If you would rather do something with your long hair in the morning before you head to the park, check out these awesome hairstyles. I’m hoping my daughter will let me put her hair up in one of these on our next Disney visit!

Hidden Mickey Hairstyle: http://www.cutegirlshairstyles.com/hairstyles/holiday/disney/not-so-hidden-mickey/

Mickey ears in hair http://www.cutegirlshairstyles.com/hairstyles/time/5-10mins/minnie-mouse-buns/

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