Mickey Monday: Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

He’s big enough to ride Big Thunder Mountain! Let’s celebrate!

This was to be the first time my son was tall enough to ride Big Thunder Mountain, so I decorated a white board with a measurement line, and the kids enjoyed checking to make sure they were tall enough. He just barely was! I also researched a bunch of info on the ride and wrote it down for all of us to read. IMG_1563 As we waited, we also made cowboy keychains I had left over from something else. IMG_1558 IMG_1557 We had a lot of fun eating in the living room, since it gave the best ambiance to our western theme. I pushed the tray tables together and covered them with brown paper bags. I decorated with little rocks and my son’s wooden train, since on Big Thunder Mountain, you are riding a runaway train. I used long tootsie rolls and covered them with red paper to make it looked like sticks of dynamite. The kids played with Lincoln Logs while Dad worked on lunch. IMG_1575 Lunch was so very delicious! Our high noon meal included Fried chicken (baked), mashed potaoes, asparagus, polenta, and cornbread with sweet tea or lemonade to drink, of course. IMG_1554IMG_1591IMG_1552IMG_1587 We had a western photo booth which gave us a lot of laughs!

A Western horse race for our Big Thunder Mountain Mickey Monday!

We ended our Big Thunder Mickey Monday with a pony race on a marked course through the house! Big sister even let the little guy win one.

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