How We Amuse Ourselves in the Car

Alphabetical Characters:

We have this game we like to play in the car, no matter how long the trip is. I remember playing this on road trip with my siblings when I was a kid.

First we pick a theme. Obviously, our favorite is Disney characters, but we have also done birds, Once upon a time characters, and more.

Next we each take a turn and try to name a character alphabetically. If I was first, I could pick Aladdin, Aurora, Ariel……and say their name out loud. Then one of my kids would pick a character starting with “B”, the next would say one starting with “C” and so on.

If one of us gets stumped, we pass to the next person. There isn’t a real Disney character that starts with X, just so you know!

Who am I Thinking of?

I think of a Disney character, and then give 3 clues as to their identity. So I might say long nose, has small best friend, and feather as my clues. Everyone takes a guess. If they guess incorrectly, then I can tell them another clue. “I can fly.” Now they get a chance to guess another time.

That reminds me of:

Person number one says any one word. So for an example, we will use “blue”. Then the next person says the word that pops into their mind when they hear that word. So, if word #1 was blue, the next word could be, “sad”, “bear”, “bird” or “ocean”, depending on where the person’s mind is. ( These answers were my family’s answers just now. My 6 year old said bear, I assume because he thought I said Baloo?) Anyway, play continues with each person taking a turn saying the word that reminds them of, until someone says a word that has already been said that round.

Once Upon a Time, Team Storytelling:

The purpose of this game is to create a story as a group. One person starts a story, just saying a line or 2. Then the next person continues the story, using their imagination and again only saying 1 or 2 lines. (Whatever you decided beforehand)

Finish This Disney Song:

Think of a line from a song, (we like to pick Disney songs, of course) and then begin it, but don’t sing it! “When you wish….” and the other players finish the line if they can.

Disney Humming Challenge:
Another song game is where you hum a line or two from a song. It will sound very clear to you, but it isn’t as clear to those listening! Then the others try to guess what song you hummed. Unsure of what to call this game, I looked it up online and found out that it is indeed a game and it even has a name! Who knew?!


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