Hold my fin, Hold my fin! -Marlin

We lost my daughter at Disneyland once when she was 6. We were walking through Mickey’s house, and I guess she stopped to look at something, while her dad and I thought she was still with us. I can remember the utter panic of spinning around and calling her name. It was only for a minute, but when we found each other, we were both crying. That said, I’m always looking for a good way to help my kids have my cel phone number on them while we are at Disney, just in case we should get separated. This is my favorite way!


I ordered personalized dog tags from ArtsCow. http://www.artscow.com/photo-gifts/dog-tag They go on sale for super cheap if you keep watching; we’re talking a few bucks, so it’s really a good price, and they are very durable. Regular price is $6-$7 dollars depending on the style you want. You create your own dog tag on their site, they make it and then send it to you. On one side, I put their picture. On the front of my son’s I added a Bible verse, reminding him that God would never leave him or forsake him. On the back of the dog tag, I have their names and addresses, as well as their dad’s and my own cel phone numbers. If you decide to make one for your kids, learn from my mistake and don’t use a fancy font at all, so it will be easy to read. Something else that will aid in in keeping your information easy to read is if you keep the font as large as you can while still letting it fit inside the perimeters the program gives you.My kids love these and wear them anywhere, because they’re cool.
ArtsCow is in China, so make these well before your trip as they could easily take over a month to be made and get to you.
Now that my kids are older, we go over safety & common sense reminders while we are heading to the parks. Tell them that should they lose sight of you, look for a cast member or a mom with kids and ask them to help you. Make sure you point out cast members during the day, and the fact that they all wear those oval name-tags. We also have places in the park where all of us should meet if we totally lose track of one another. Sure, you can plan to text each other, but should that plan fail for any reason, it’s great to have a spot in the park where you can meet. You need to be specific about this, too. Don’t say, “Meet me at the castle”. Instead say, “Meet me near the Cinderella fountain at the castle.” That castle is pretty big.

Take their picture every morning while you are waiting to get into the park. This way, you will be able to show cast members a picture and you’ll remember what shirt they had on! Lastly, if you have Magic Bands, you could always write your phone number on your kiddo’s band.
I hope you never need this advice! Keep those kids close, even at Disney!


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