A lunch that looks like Olaf

This is a very simple and easy Olaf bento.

IMG_8514 I have to give credit to my kids for most of my ideas. This was created because my son requested an Olaf Bento for lunch. In retrospect, I should have cut a cheese stick to use as his little legs, and even his tooth. Here is how I made Olaf:

  • Olaf is just a ham & cheese sandwich, with the bread cut out of his mouth to show the pink ham through.
  • I free-handed cut his head and belly. I used a cookie cutter to cut both the bread and the sandwich insides for his biggest circle.
  • Olive bits made his eyes, buttons and eyebrows!
  • Pretzel stick arms and hair
  • Baby carrot nose

I guess Olaf tasted as good as he looked, because he disappeared!


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