Mickey Monday: Neverland Night

We had a lot of fun Mickey Mondays before our last trip, but this Peter Pan themed night was one of the best!

I decided to set up our dining room to look like the Darling Children’s nursery! I turned the table into a bed, and made a little window seat on our nook. I scrounged around to find older toys and books as decoration. It was so much fun to decorate!

10562588_10152365938631935_7052948502985246354_o 10708758_10152365938361935_3013673604505172387_o

  • Above the cabinet, I put a lantern with a candle inside like Tink, and cut her silhouette out of paper and had it on the outside of the lantern. It looked like her shadow.
  • I made the table look like it’s a bed, teddy bear on the bed
  • Blocks with Wendy and her brother’s names spelled out
  • Thimble
  • Black frames with shadows of Peter, Wendy, John & Michael in the frames
  •  Framed Peter Pan Puzzle hanging
  • stacked old children’s books, also made a Big Ben out of old wooden blocks
  • Displayed old toys
  • Made the window nook into a window seat & drew a London scene on the dry erase board
  • Listening to the corresponding Disney music is always a must on Mickey Mondays
  • My daughter dressed in a nightgown to be Wendy

10687953_10152365938181935_446705374587913938_oDinner: My husband made Pirate Ship Chicken pot pies for dinner and we had a sparking ice cream cake for dessert. (Like the bomb Hook hid in the cake for Peter Pan.)

My son was a little afraid of the sparking candles on the cake
My son was a little afraid of the sparking candles on the cake

Tic Tock Clock: I hid a ticking timer in the room and the kids were supposed to find it before it went off.

Tic Tock Clock
Tic Tock Clock

• Indian statues– (all get given a feather headband to wear); do Indian dancing around the fake fire while the drum beat goes. Freeze when the drum stops.

My little Indians dancing around our make-shift fire
My little Indians dancing around our make-shift fire
Wendy/ Tiger Lilly
We threw these feather headbands together pretty quickly just using an elastic headband & feathers

Tick Tock Croc:

I used lids of cans that were perfectly safe and smooth and drew clock faces on them with a sharpie. I used a Dragon from a  bean bag game I had on hand, and called him a crock. I laid him on his back on the floor with his mouth wide and let the kids stand on a chair and attempt to drop the clocks into his open mouth.


Glow Jars:

In honor of Tink, we made glow jars by cutting open a glow stick and pouring it into an old syrup jar. Then we put glitter in, too. This didn’t turn out as awesome as I expected, but my kids liked them anyway and used them as night lights as they headed to bed.

10623791_10152365939301935_1658622192271593800_o 10658933_10152365939341935_8411033933139054640_o

I kept with the theme at bedtime, and read my little man a cool Peter Pan book as his bedtime story.

Tonight's story: Flying to Neverland with Peter Pan by Betty Comden.
Tonight’s story: Flying to Neverland with Peter Pan by Betty Comden.

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