Out of the Mouths of Babes: Recording your Disney Moments

I have always kept a journal of our visits to Disney World, writing down my perception of the magical happenings that transpired that day. Usually, I’m sitting in the bathroom on the closed toilet seat typing so that my sleeping family won’t be disturbed by the light. My eyes keep closing even as I jot down my memories as fast as I can. I know if I wait until tomorrow, they won’t be as vivid even though I’m only half asleep as I’m writing.

What is priceless to me is my children’s view of what happened that day. So I have been making them write a sentence or fill in the blank for several years now. This year, I whipped up a little memory jogger for my 12 year old daughter and she was very good about filling it in as part of her bedtime routine. I even got some info from my 5 year old every day, although what stands out to him is rarely what I would expect to hear at the end of the day!

So, without further ado, here is the fill in I had for my kids this past year:

MK/ Epcot:
• What I wore today:
• The biggest surprise was:
• Something new we tried:
• The most magical moment:
• The bummer of the day:
• The funniest thing:
• I don’t want to forget:

Here is the one my daughter filled in:

MK/ Epcot:
• What I wore today: Queen of Hearts DB (This is her code for Disney Bounding)
• The biggest surprise was: Seeing Mickey
• Something new we tried: We met Mary Poppins and her Penguins
• The most magical moment: Meeting Magician Mickey Mouse
• The bummer of the day: The Monorail Stalling and us having to wait 30 minutes just to get on the boat. Then it took 15 minutes to get to the magic kingdom.
• The funniest thing: Meeting Alice and the white rabbit.
• I don’t want to forget: Not to go to the Grand Floridian ever again!

Recording her Disney Memories
Recording her Disney Memories

And here is one day’s journal where I asked my son the questions and he answered. Before you get impressed, I’ll truthfully tell you that most of the days do not have every space filled in, and sometimes the things he answered with did not really happen, he was just silly. But for this day, this all really happened!

Hollywood Studios:
• What I wore today: Phineas & Ferb Pittsburgh Pens shirt and khaki shorts
• The biggest surprise was: Learning that the lights spelled out Osborne Lights backwards on the one side of the string of lights, but the right way on the opposite side.
• Something new we tried: Tower of Terror. It was horrible because it goes down and did you know I don’t like going down.
• The most magical moment: Mommy helping me not go on the rides. When he was afraid to ride. (“You were very helpful.”)
• The bummer of the day: That we didn’t get to watch Fantasmic because it’s my favorite show.
• The funniest thing: The pictures they took of us where they put other people there.
• I don’t want to forget: When the toy story soldier put my bird in the tree

He sure keeps us laughing, this guy! Now, when I make a digital photo album, I always make sure to include their memories of each day there. I love recording their memories. Lastly, if you thought it odd that I write down what they are wearing each day, I can explain. I always do this because it makes keeping our pictures and journals organized. We park hop and go to certain parks more than once on a trip, and this just helps me to keep it all together.

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