Packing for Disney World

When it comes to packing for Disney, I pack differently than I would for any other trip. Meaning, I put a lot more thought into it!

In the toiletry bag, I bring extra ziplock bags of various sizes. You never know when you will need them. I also pack a baggie of toys in with the toiletries for my son to play with in his bath.  Another unusual thing you will find in my toiletry bag is a small flashlight. I always seem to need it several times on our trip, and it’s good to know where it is.

I bring something to write on, whether it’s a notebook or my laptop, because as tired as I am at the end of the day, I make myself keep a journal. I have my kids record their thoughts each night as well, with more of a fill in the blank kind of thing. More on that in another blog.

I also bring several travel sized hand sanitizers with us. We seem to go through more than usual when we are on vacation. We bring bring flip flops to wear in the resort room because I’m a germ freak. My husband brings his water wallet. He wears it under his shirt, and feels like cash and his ID are safer hanging around his neck rather than in a regular wallet.

I pack for myself and my kids, and my husband handles his own packing! I pack a Disney shirt for every day, because when we are at WDW, we want to dress for fun! But it goes even farther than that. My husband makes me a spreadsheet telling me what we will be doing day by day, so if we are meeting Buzz, I can pack a Buzz shirt for my son that day. I like to plan layers as well, so that if it’s cold, I have a long sleeved T shirt or hoodie planned to match. I often bring both pants and shorts for each day, too. I’ll remind you here that we usually go to Disney in the fall or even winter, so you never quite know what to plan for. Some days it is really warm, but then you are uncomfortably cold by the evening.

Once I have decided what outfits we are all wearing for each day and have them together in neat piles on the bed, I get out the gallon sized ziplock bags. Yes, I know, I know. I mark each bag with the date, and even with the park we plan to be at that day. Then I put both kid’s outfits into the bag and seal it up. I put socks, underthings, shirts and pants in the bag. Some days, if I have bulkier clothes, I have a bag for each of them. I confess I started doing this after we had bed bugs one trip. It helps my peace of mind.

Not yet 2, but handling his own bag!
Not yet 2, but handling his own bag!

When we get to our resort and unpack, we just put them all in the drawers as is, in order. When we get up each morning, it’s so easy for  everyone to know what they are wearing for that day, because yes, I do this with my own clothes as well! I just find it easier to make these decisions in advance. There are often times when one of us doesn’t feel like wearing that outfit on the day it was planned. (Usually this is weather related, where another outfit might be warmer than the capris I had packed for that day.) Switching it up is fine, but since they have a say on what is brought in the first place, it doesn’t happen often.. I bring an extra outfit, extra pair of pjs, and a few extra undergarments as well.

If my daughter is going to be Disney Bounding, her outfit is usually going to include some jewelry and some head or hair decoration. It all goes in the bag with the day’s outfit. You know what’s fun to bring? A can of glitter hair spray you find in the party section. My daughter still lets me glitter her hair at least once on our trips. It just makes her feel a little special. Be careful packing this! Put it in it’s own ziplock bag and make sure it stays at a reasonable temperature.

Did I mention, we drive there in a truck? So we also bring a case of water, and yes, it’s gone by the end of the vacation. When both my kids were little, I packed and brought their little potty seat and never regretted it. When everything is different, it is so nice to sit down at the end of the day on your own little potty seat. It feels like a little bit of home. Bring a stool for little ones to use the sink. I called the front desk last time, and they didn’t have that option for us to borrow. I needed one for my 5 year old as the sinks were so high at the resort. You shouldn’t need a bed rail or even a pack & play, as they provide those when asked, but you might want to request one when you first make the reservation.

It goes without saying that you should bring your usual face soap so your skin won’t get confused, baby shampoo if you have a baby, and all those things you would normally bring with you on vacation. As well as extra batteries & another memory card for your camera….

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