How Pooh Gave up Honey (or How I Lost Some Weight)

Going on vacation is a great motivator for one to lose weight isn’t it? Going on a Disney Cruise is an even bigger incentive to lose weight! Last year, I lost 22 pounds by simply eating healthier. I’m well aware that really healthy people will look at this post and scoff, but since it worked for me, I don’t care if I’m not eating healthy enough for them! I’m eating healthy enough for me! I think that this way of eating could work for other people, too. It isn’t a “plan”, but simply makes sense.

For breakfast, I would eat 2 eggs. A few times a week, I would have hot cereal for breakfast. Not the kind in a packet, but the kind where you control the amount of sugar you add. For lunch, I cut up an apple and have that with peanut butter, or I wrap up 2 slices of turkey lunchmeat & a slice of cheese in 2 leafs of green leaf lettuce. If I felt like putting more time into lunch, I can have a salad with some nuts or lunchmeat on top. I even have a kosher hot dog once in a while, but not every day.

My current favorite salad topper
My current favorite salad topper

Dinner is more about portions. Also, instead of a potato, I eat a sweet potato. I stopped eating bread, which meant no bun on my hamburger. I plan on skipping the bread for the rest of my life as I’ve found I really just don’t miss it. I also quit eating the sugar laden catchup. Biggest of all was avoiding junk snacks and desserts. While I was trying to lose weight, I had to swear them off altogether. If I let myself “cheat”, I tend to continue to snack on things I shouldn’t be snacking on. It’s like I have opened the floodgate and I can’t close it!  Oh, I can snack, but now I would have some almonds or fruit, or even a cheese stick. In the winter, hot mint tea served without anything added (besides water of course) is my friend. It helps me to keep warm!  I’m really bad about drinking water, so that is something I pay more attention to when I’m really trying to eat healthy. I also buy plain (vanilla only) yogurt in the big size so that I can mix my blended fruit with it, or add it to milk and frozen fruit to make a smoothie. This is a treat.


It always helps to eat your desserts or smoothies in a disney container! IMG_9001 Another thing I do to keep myself on track is to weigh myself every single week, even if I don’t want to! I then write my weight on the family calendar in bold sharpie.

Sometimes, if I am having trouble staying on track, I will choose someone to pray for every time I crave something that would be a bad choice. I’m more accountable to them and to God than I would be to myself, even if they don’t know I’m praying for them.

Even if a vacation isn’t in my near future, I always have to reign myself back to the healthier eating, because I seriously feel so much better when I’m not eating all that junk. Summer is only a few months away, people!


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