Super Easy Duffy Bear outfits to make

You can make Duffy outfits to match your kid’s clothes!

When I first saw Duffy, I’ll admit that I thought it was just another way for Disney to make money. In spite of my being unimpressed, the next year, my daughter wanted Duffy and the year after that, my son got his Duffy. At this point, we have 2 little magnet handed Duffys, middle sized Duffys and have bought some outrageously priced outfits for our Duffys. But even for someone who doesn’t do a lot of sewing (that’s me, folks!) it is possible to make cute outfits for Duffy. You will get lots of compliments if you make Duffy outfits, and  people will ask you where you found the outfits! I make Duffy outfits by taking a kid’s shirt (size 6-12 mos.) and turning it into a onesie by sewing it just at the bottom so that Duffy’s legs can stick through.

The kids find their “Incredible” Duffy bears in the window of our resort

We all have Incredibles shirts, and so does Duffy! Sometimes, I stick Mickey patches on them to make them a little more Disney. (The patches I used were from the scrapbooking section. It was what I had on hand and they have lasted years now.) See pic below for use of patches.

One of Duffy Bear’s home made outfits, hat and shirt.
Another cool Duffy Bear outfit, perfect for touring Epcot

I’ve also made Duffy hats. Google (or use Duck, Duck Go, that’s what I use!) free patterns for kid’s hats. You can also buy a pattern for bout $4 online and download it right away. Anyway, I took a baby’s hat pattern and scaled it down to make a hat for Duffy out of old Tshirt material and a button.

Always leave a “tail slot” for Duffy’s tail to show through!

To make it even cuter, cut out ear holes for Duffy’s hat and a hole for his tail in the back of his onesie! Don’t forget to reinforce the opening you cut by sewing a quick hem all the way around.P1120706 Duffy will love his new outfits, and your kids will, too!

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