Mickey Monday: Nemo

There are several places to find Nemo at Walt Disney World! Since I try to plan Mickey Mondays in a way that we will be reminded of all the different parks evenly, Finding Nemo covered both Epcot and Animal Kingdom.

Finding Nemo Mickey Monday

We had simple decorations today. I merely used blue tableclothes, Nemo & Dori bath toys, and some carrot tops that looked like seaweed. I hung up a Nemo towel and made a pink jellyfish to hang from the ceiling. The jellyfish was a paper plate, pink streamers and curing ribbon.Of course we had Nemo soundtrack from the show at AK playing while we ate dinner.

Dinner under the sea
Carrot Nemo
Nemo dinner

My husband made dinner very cool! He made a Crush biscuit, the rest we ate as regular (Red Lobster mix) biscuits since that didn’t really work out. But his carrot and string cheese Nemos turned out absolutely amazing! The carrots came from the garden he has with the kids. Our carrot Nemo was swimming in green beans “sea weed” ,and we also found Parmesan shrimp on our Nemo paper plates!

Sea Foam Punch
Sea Foam Punch

The special drink was blue Koolaid & sprite, with 2 mango juice ice cubes swimming around under it. I put whipped topping foam on top. It was a hit!

Game time!

Dori’s Memory Game

Dory’s memory game: bring out the seashell platter with several items on it, starfish, seashells, marble, etc. they look at it for 30 seconds and then take it away, remove an item and bring it back out to see if they can see what’s missing.

10431350_10152352096191935_5256566652816616020_o10668839_10152352096411935_4644102940852500400_oAvoid the Jellyfish: With a toy Dory, crawl through the jellyfish without getting stung/touched. I just taped strips of pink crepe streamer to the underside of the dining room table so that the streamers hung down, leaving a little space for the kids to wiggle their way through. Blue table cloth over the top of the table to represent water.

Riding the EAC: I gave them 2 sea turtles and challenged them to use them to get from one side of the room to the other. My son laid one in front of the other to make a path, but his sister put one turtle under each foot and slid her way across the floor, and after that, my little guy had to try it that way, too!

He found Nemo!
He found Nemo!

Find Nemo (hide a Nemo toy for them to find)

10604704_10152352094801935_8104038798831152253_o 10537250_10152352096741935_5907484898039304111_o

Marlin & Dori in a Sea Anemone Pumpkin Craft: Since fall was coming, we used foam pumpkins and made a sea anemone out of fall colored pipe cleaners. Then we painted one smaller pumpkin blue and yellow for Dori and painted the orange ones with white strips to look like Marlin. My son also made Nemo. We stuck them among the waving sea anemone. (This was a 2 day project. We let the pumpkin fish dry before we added foam fins to them.)

This is the idea we copied.
This is the idea we copied.
Dessert was Nemo & friends cupcakes

Dessert was a delicious Nemo cupcake. My husband found these already made and simply added a white Sixlet “pearl” to each one.


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