My Disney Side

My daughter will tease me when we are out and about and I freely talk to anyone. She says I’m still in Disney-mode.
I was definitely shy as a kid. I got my confidence working at McDonalds when I was a teenager, and my personality changed in a big way as a result. But I don’t think it was until I went to Walt Disney World a couple of times that I realized that people there are different. It’s not just the cast members. Anyone can walk up to anyone else in Disney World, and interject their opinion on a souvenir, give advice on the fastest way to get to Muppets, or just ask where they found those adorable ears. Sadly, it’s not like that in the rest of the world. Most of us are in our own little world, with our phones and our tasks to get to. When we are not on vacation we have our guard up. When did it stop being rude to pass by someone without even acknowledging their existence?

So, this is my Disney side. In the “real world”, if I think of something when I’m near you, I will talk to you, even though I don’t know you. If I just pass by you, I will smile and say hi! I don’t need to know you, but I will talk to you anyway. I will talk because we are people, with obviously at least one thing in common…we are in the exact same location at the same time.
I wish to bring a little more Disney, and a little more humanity, back into the world. And please, for your own sake, respond to me when I talk to you. If you don’t, it might be a little embarrassing for you when I repeat myself even louder!


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