My favorite Disney Boardgame

I bought this game for my kids, not knowing too much about it. It has become my favorite board game. I like

Eye Found It because it is a fast moving game, the rules are quick to read over, and it’s fun! IMG_8990 IMG_8991

The game board is very long and hangs over the edge of my dining room table if I don’t have a leaf in.

There are hidden mickeys on the game board!

The idea of the game is to get to Cinderella’s castle before the clock strikes midnight!

In addition to moving forward by using the spinner, you can move forward by finding hidden things on the board.

The game board has towns on it from various realms, like Wonderland, The Hundred Acre Wood and Danville.

My 6 year old likes it as much as I do, and since you team up to look for things together, it keeps the game from feeling too competitive. I think I found this game at Walmart for about $20. I just looked on Amazon & found a brand new one for about $14. The whole title of this game is: World of Disney Eye Found It Board Game


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