Another Countdown to Disney List

I have been doing a countdown for my kiddos for a few years now, and we always start at 40 days out from Disney. Here is my list of one of our earlier (it might actually be the earliest) 40 Days til Disney. I have to apologize, because it is written backwards. I have no idea why, but I guess because I just printed it out and cut the strips of paper out for them to get one a day, and it didn’t matter what order it was in. ???? I will elaborate on the Mickey Mondays, as I try to focus on a different one each Monday in my blog. If you have questions, please ask in the comment section.

Backwards 40 Days Til Disney:

1 Disney Dining: Have Mickey Mouse waffles or pancakes for breakfast because…Today’s the day!! We’re taking off for Florida! LET’S GO!!

Disney Waffles the morning we left. My daughter found a hidden mickey in the powdered sugar!
Disney Waffles the morning we left. My daughter found a hidden mickey in the powdered sugar!

2  Take a magic carpet ride, pretending to soar high in the sky!

3 Watch a Donald Duck short on DVD

4 Mickey Monday: You are invited to an Under the Sea party! Nemo & Ariel (dinner:seafood, seaweed (asparagus)and coral (spiral mac & cheese with goldfish crackers on top)

5 craft: Make a Pluto Keychain for Daddy so he can use it to drive to Florida! (Shrinky Dinks)

6 Play Cinderella’s Enchanted Slipper Game

7 Disney Dining Jiminy Cricket: Grasshopper pie

8  Play Disney Scene it!

9  Is the shoe a perfect fit? Pretend you’re Cinderella and try on Mom and Dad’s shoes!

10 Be Goofy and have a backwards day! (this was kind of a flop)

11 Mickey Monday: Alice would like to invite you to an Unbirthday tea party…for dinner! (dinner: Mini meat pies, salad, cake, pumpkin chai tea that we got at Epcot last visit)

12  craft: create Rapunzel Shrinky Dink charms (

13 Pooh movie

14 Chip & Dale: have a campfire for dinner and S’mores

15 game : Disney Monopoly, Minnie Puzzle (for the little guy)

16  Don’t sleep in a tree like Dumbo did, but do wear your Disney pajamas to bed tonight! The next time you’ll wear them will be at Disney World!

17 Disney Dining: Beauty & the Beast and The Princess & the Frog: French Quarter Beignets

18 Mickey Monday: Lion King Evening (dinner: Chicken (“tastes like chicken”, wrapped in cheese and bacon (for the scene with pumba dancing the hula) and little trees of Life (broccoli). For dessert, we made and decorated caramel apples with reeses pieces to make them look like lions.)

19 Daisy: read a book about Daisy Duck

20 (cousins here) craft :3 caballeros__Paper plate sombreros (plates, plastic cup, glue, pom poms, markers, yarn to hold it on your head.)

Bear models the sombrero she made

21 (cousins here) Disney Dining: Mulan: Chinese food for dinner

22  movie peter pan

23  Play Princess Memory. You get double the points if you collect Snow White pairs.

24 Get ready for Toy Story Mania by playing the game on the Wii!

25 Mickey Monday: Incredibles Celebration ( leftovers would have been good, but I can’t remember what we did end up having) We played a secret identity game which involved using mustaches, eyebrows and things like that which I cut out of foam)

26 Throw Darts and pretend you are Princess Merida or her little brothers!

27 Disney Dining: Seven Dwarves: Make an apple pie like Snow White

Apple pie! Don’t worry, it’s not poisonous!

28 movie: Aladdin

29 craft day: J: sew a Mary Poppins bag and B: paper Kite

Let’s go fly a kite!
J sewed this Mary Poppins bag

30  Play Monster’s Inc Life

31 Have a Sleeping Beauty Spa Day, facials & cucumbers, foot soak, watch movie

Sleeping Beauty Spa day

32 Mickey Monday: Toy Story Night (Pizza) (Will printed out Pizza Planet covers for the boxes)

33 Have a Cars race! (with matchbox cars)

34 movie: Bug’s Life

35 game night : Trivia board game

36 Create your own “ inator” like Dr. Doofenshmirtz out of recyclables

We used a kit we had gotten on sale at Michael’s to make B’s catapult
J’s “inator” made from recycled stuff.

37 Make a pirate medallion like Captain Jack Sparrow has for you to wear with your pirate costume (

Our pirate medallions.

38 Disney Dining: Mickey Oreo treats (half dip regular oreos in chocolate (red if you want) and use chocolate as “glue” for his mini oreo ears. Place 2 white dots on his red “pants” )

We can make these every year as they are always fun!

39 Mickey Monday: The Three Caballaros Fiesta (Mexican food, Mexican music, décor of things we have collected through the years, play “Donde esta Donald?” by hiding a little Donald for them to find. Lastly, watch the movie)

40 Get your Duffy bears and snuggle up for the Duffy Story.

The kid’s Duffy bears reading. There are hidden Mickeys in this book!

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