Mickey Monday: Muppets

Decorations: Most wanted Constantine posters hanging on the walls. Table decor: Miss Piggy’s things: Framed and lipstick kissed pic of Kermit, Autographed pic of herself, boa, long gloves, pearls, mirror compact and silver stars scattered.

Soundtrack playing

Coloring page while we wait for dinner

Muppets dinner

Dinner: Beaker wraps & veggie straws

Muppets dessert

Dessert: Kermit apples with caramel
Drink with dinner: Dr. Bunsen Honeydew’s mixed drink (fruit juice cubes in sprite)
Craft: foam Kermit (foam glue)

Activity: The Hunt for Constantine

Activity: The Hunt for Constantine The Hunt for Constantine was kind of like a scavenger hunt that was at Epcot for a short time. We weren’t there to play it, but I researched it, and used the idea to make a hunt for my kids. I used a video I found online with the Swedish Chef for part of it. The goal was of course to find Constantine, while using the clues given. The reward was the newest Muppet movie, which had just recently been released on Blu-ray.
Activity 2: watch the movie

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