Simple Steps to Create Your Own Disney Countdown

When I am planning a countdown with activities for my kids, the first thing I do is figure out how far in advance I want to start. Then I make a calendar of some type, even if it’s just a list of days. For example, here is countdown to Easter that I’m working on:

Sunday, March 1 (church)
Monday, March 2 (Seven Up!)
Tuesday, March 3 (dance, Mom’s group)
Wednesday, March 4 (youth group)
Thursday, March 5 (dance)
Friday, March 6 (Bible Study)
Saturday, March 7 (soccer)

I make sure I add things that we have to do each day, so that I’m aware of them as I plan.

Then I would decide what kind of things I want to do in the countdown. I usually have 7 different categories, one for each day of the week. Here are some examples:

Disney Dining:

Game Day:

Movie Night:


Surprise me!


Mickey Mondays:

Time to research! Check out Pinterest, my blog, books, and just give it some thought to come up with fun things to do, just to add a little Disney fun to each day in your countdown. As you find activities, group them together if you want to add variety.


Disney Trivia

Toy Story Memory

Disney Corners

Play Cinderella’s Enchanted Slipper board game

Now comes the fun part, filling in the days! You don’t have to fill them all in to begin with, but I try to fill in most of them ahead of time.

Sunday, Nov. 1 : Craft Day: Pluto Shrinky Dinks
Monday, Nov 2 : Mickey Monday: Lion King
Tuesday, Nov 3 : Game: Trivia
Wednesday, Nov 4 : Learning: Learn about the Utilidors under the MK

Thursday, Nov 5 : Disney Dining: Mickey Oreo treats
Friday, Nov 6: Movie Night: 101 Dalmations
Saturday, Nov 7 : Surprise me! Wear your Disney PJs tonight

Don’t be overwhelmed, it won’t take that much time to plan. Your kids are going to appreciate it, and you’ll love the time you spend together. Have fun planning!

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