At the World Disney Freebies

Duffy story on the resort TV : Duffy the Disney Bear has his own little story book, and at night on the resort TV, your child can watch/ listen to the book being read starting every 15 minutes or so. It’s very simple, but it’s a great motivator for my little guy to get his bath & pjs on and get ready for bed so that he can watch Duffy.

Animation Academy: I think many people pass this by, but it’s one of my daughter’s favorite things to do at Hollywood Studios. An animator takes you step by step and teaches a group of people how to draw a Disney character. This isn’t an ideal activity for younger kids, as the seats and desks aren’t made for them. They might get frustrated by the drawing, as it moves along quickly. But my daughter loves being able to take home a creation she made. If you answer the trivia question first, you might get to take home the teaching artist’s work as well!

Wilderness Explorer Program: Animal Kingdom has a program where kids can get booklets and earn stickers for each page by going around to various stations all over the park. At different stations, they will learn or play with different things. They were able to play an Asian instrument, feel a crocodile scull, and learn about all different kinds of animals among other things. We went to Animal Kingdom a second day, because my daughter (12) was really trying to get half of her sticker badges on this trip. The castmembers assured us that this is something that will be going on for awhile, so I hope it lasts a while. Again, my 5 year old wasn’t interested in this nearly as much as his sister was.

Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom game and trading cards: This was our first year to collect sorcerer cards and play the game. We have seen these neat magic portals as other people played, and heard how much fun it was, but this last trip we had more time at the park and were able to participate ourselves. The kids really liked this, and so did the Dad! You are given a free pack of cards, approach the portal you are shown on a video screen, and you have an adventure with a villain you need to beat. You beat villains by holding up cards in front of the screen, and it reads the cards, enabling you to use one of more cards to fight the villain. The Frozone card tosses snowballs, one of the Princesses throws roses, so all the cards have different things they stand for. This sends you all over the park, and every day you play, you can all get a new pack of cards, so you can accumulate cards fairly quickly. We went to the Christmas party, and were able to get exclusive Elsa cards only given out during the party. With the parks being so crowded anymore, it’s nice to have other options to break up the crowds a little bit, and this gave us a little filler to do if we knew we only had 15 minutes before a fast pass or dining reservation.

Adventureland game: Near Pirates of the Caribbean at the Magic Kingdom, you can pick up a map and a “talisman” which enables you to participate in a Pirate Scavenger Hunt of sorts. It is only based in Adventureland, and you get to make super cool things happen as you follow the directions.

Agent P’s World Showcase Adventure: Set in the World Showcase at Epcot, this interactive game is similar to the games at the Magic Kingdom. At a station, a castmember will give you a cell phone and a little training if this is your first time. This game makes the countries more interesting for the kids by having them look for various places and push a button on the phone while standing on a certain spot. We have played in all of the available countries, some more than once because the rumor is that the game isn’t always the same each time you play. This is another one that entertained both my 5 year old and 12 year old.

Club Cool: At Epcot, there is a fun place with often sticky floors where you can taste all kinds of soda (or pop) as we say where I live, for free. The kids particularly love this, taking their little cups around and filling them up with sodas from all over the world.

Kidcot stations at Epcot: The kids collect a paper Duffy or Perry or something that is attached to a stick. It kind of acts as a passport, because they have stations at each country where they will stamp the sticks for the kids. Some country’s representatives also like to draw their flag, while some write your name. Basically it’s just a cool way that your kid can interact with a castmember who is actually from that country! Both of my kids like these, and it’s fun to take a little break and color your paper dude here and there.


Country Cards at Epcot: While every country doesn’t offer these, so you can’t possibly collect them all, my daughter was able to collect information cards at many of the countries at Epcot. My 5 year old didn’t care about these either, but my daughter was actually disappointed that all of the countries didn’t have them. We had to ask in some countries and they would pull them out. Some countries had them sitting on the table.


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