A Dozen Disney Don’ts

Don’t get the Disney Dining plan unless its free during your stay. You pay less if you pay as you go and no one is able to eat the amount of desserts you are given. The amount of desserts are unnecessary and you might feel like you aren’t paying for them, but you are. Don’t get me wrong, I love dessert, but even I can’t eat all that the dining plan offers.

Don’t drive to the Magic Kingdom, unless you have no choice. When you drive there, you park at a different location, (the TTC) take a tram to get to the entrance of the parking lot, and then get off to catch the monorail. Then you will finally arrive at the Magic Kingdom. At the end of the day, when you are tired, you have to do the whole thing in reverse to get to your bed. It’s more efficient to catch a bus from your resort (or boat if that’s an option) and get dropped off right outside the gate.

Don’t order the Photo Pass. You can hand the photopass people your camera and they will take a picture or 2 for you, at no cost. If you don’t know what the Photo pass/memory maker plan is: This is a plan that has you going up to Disney photographers and getting pictures in front of all the major attractions. Then you go home and you have about a month to download the photos. You can mess around with them, adding little logos and borders. But Disney has technical issues with this website, and it often takes forever to work with the pictures. I finally just downloaded ALL the pictures from the pass instead of just picking my favorites. After all this, you still need to order the pictures on your own.

Don’t go to Disney without fast passes. You used to be able to, but now that fast passes are the way they are, you will encounter lines for things that used to have no lines. It can be very frustrating, but this is the way things are now. Also, don’t forget to write these times down and take them with you!

Don’t go to Disney without Advance Dining Reservations. If you don’t have reservations, you will end up eating fast food every meal everyday of your trip, and the menus can be extremely redundant.

Don’t forget warm clothes. Don’t assume that just because you are vacationing in Florida, it will always be tank top weather. It can get downright chilly in the winter, and even in the fall. So if you are going then, bring your coat. Yes, we were there in November and used winter hats, hot hands and underarmor. The shops were filled with lines of people buying out the sweatshirts, blankets, and scarves. All around us, people were freezing, just because they weren’t prepared. That was us one year, and my daughter ended up sick. So bring layers, and warm clothes just in case.

Don’t forget to check for bed bugs. Even Disney has bed bugs and I know this from personal experience.

Don’t procrastinate on planning your WDW vacation. Book your room as early as you can and book your dining reservations the very first second you can, especially if you want to eat in the castle or eat dinner at a reasonable time. Book your fast passes as soon as you are able as well. When I say as soon as you can, what I mean is as soon as Disney will let you. They are always changing things, but some things you can book up to 190 days in advance, and if you don’t, just realize that other people will.

Don’t be afraid to ask for a child swap/rider switch. If you have a kiddo too small to ride, you can take turns with another adult staying with your child. You approach the line together, then ask for a rider swap pass. One adult (and tall enough kids and family) goes through the line, while the other adult stays outside and entertains the too tiny one. When the riding adult gets off the ride, they stay with the little one and the other adult goes on the ride. Best of all, they get to go through the fast pass line, so they won’t have much of a wait. And they can take a few extra riders with them as well.

Don’t forget to bring extra batteries for your cameras when you go to the parks. Also, bring at least one extra memory card. You might plan to download your pictures every night, but what if you are too tired after a long day of fun? It never hurts to have a backup memory card.

Don’t just get in the first line you come to. We almost always get to the parks well before it opens, however that doesn’t mean we are always the first people there. We have arrived 10 minutes before the park opens to find a huge crowd of people and strollers ahead of us. But people are sheep. They will all get behind others in line, when there is often a line that no one is in. This is a sheep mentality. Don’t be a follower. Be the leader! Look for the line with no one in it and ask a cast member if it will be opening, too.

Don’t wear shoes that you haven’t tested on a long walk. You won’t want to get a blister on the first day of 6, and still have to walk around for the rest of the week in pain!


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