You have all these pictures from your Disney trip. Now what?

Disney pictures make great photo Christmas cards! You could make a photo calendar to help you reminisce and count down the year or so before your next Disney visit. If you want a super big pic to frame, order a poster instead of ordering the photo in say 20X24. They use the same paper for posters, yet the price is EXTREMELY different! I like Sam’s Club’s prices for posters. I used to be a big scrapbooker. Now I create digital books online and they send them to us so that my kids can hold the actual books and look though them. I try to complete birthday party albums for each of my 2 kids and complete an album for each vacation, before we go on the next one.IMG_8697 I now exclusively use York photo because I believe that they have the best prices on photo books and they are great about returns. You can get 40-60% off almost every time you turn around as they are always having sales.

The background for this page was a photo I took in the line for Toy Story Mania
The background for this page is a photo I took of a map sign on Tom Sawyer Island
The rides themselves make great backgrounds!

Creating Digital albums has changed the way I take pictures in some ways. You can make any photo your background on the page, which I love to do. I have taken pictures of the resort carpet pattern to use as a background for photos of us at our resort. Resort carpet and bedding usually has hidden Mickeys in them, too!

I like to take photos of the landmarks around WDW, which really makes you wistful when you see this picture of Mickey’s hat, which has now been removed from Hollywood Studios. IMG_8703  I don’t think you can tell the whole story if you only take posed pictures of your subjects looking at you. Also, I like to take pictures of everything around you to help you remember it!


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