Disney Dinners with Friends

When you are going to Disney, you are really excited and just want to share that excitement with someone else. Without fail, there is usually some other family going to Disney within a month or 2 of us. Every year, we host a Disney Dinner, inviting another family looking forward to their trip over for dinner, possible games, and just a shared excitement! We usually try to have foods that represent different parks, or look like Mickey. Last year, we had 4 families at our party, (they were all related and going together) so everyone brought a dish from a different Epcot Country!IMG_3929 I made little placecards for each country, and made drink tags for all by cutting out characters that I printed and attached to a rubberband with red ribbon. I used the cuties shrink art from FamilyFun.com, but just printed them on cardstock instead of shrink plastic. These went around the cups. Inside the cups, we had Lefou’s Brew from the MK to welcome everyone. (My friend found the mix online) For dessert, we had Dole Whips! The recipe I used and love is here: Disney Dole Whip.

We decided to Disney Bound, to make it more fun! I dressed as Vanellope from Wreck it Ralph, my daughter was Anna, My son was Lightning McQueen and everyone dressed either as a character or they wore Disney shirts. IMG_3954For decor, I bought huge Disney punch balloons and hung them from the trees. Then the kids could each get one after the party. We played 2 games after dinner. At the table, we played Drawing Mickey, the directions of which can be found along with the Dole whip recipe above.IMG_3948

My friend had put together this incredibly cool obstacle course race based on the rope drop at Hollywood Studios! It was so much fun, and included getting a doll securely strapped in a stroller, choosing Mickey ears/hat, dashing with the doll through a series of obstacles and taking a picture with Minnie. Even the adults did it, and it was quite a workout! It was so much fun, too.IMG_3991 IMG_3977 IMG_3971 IMG_3967

Their MagicBands had just come in the mail that day, so they all got to try them on! IMG_3995At the end of the night, everyone left excited to go to Disney, even if they hadn’t been all that excited when they came. IMG_3998


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